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ZerefZerefuZeref (Fairy Tail)
The Black WizardThe Black Wizard
· · ·
The Killing MageThe Killing Mage
Unknown (at least 400)Unknown (at least 400)
Black (red when angered)Black (red when angered)
A Trying~To~Reform Killing MageA Trying~To~Reform Killing Mage
"If this world continues to reject me, then I shall reject the world.""If this world continues to reject me, then I shall reject the world."
Joel McDonaldAkira Ishida
Episode 96Episode 96
Fairy TailFairy Tail

Character Description: Zeref

Zeref, though centuries old, takes on the appearance of a teenage boy. He, in his first centuries of life, acted evil and cruel, creating many monsters and demons that brought upon much loss for a great number of people, and some still do in the present time. He is considered the most dangerous and powerful mage alive, possessing death and black magic and using it to destroy people and demolish the world. When seen, Zeref clothes in a simple black and gold robe with a white toga. He also seems to regret all the bad things he has done and wishes to die.

Though not appearing social, Zeref's new personality seems to care for others to an extent, as shown when he warns others not to come close to them in fear of their lives. He seems regretful and emotionally conflicted from his past sins, but when seen, usually possesses a calm demeanor. Yet he is also emotionally fragile, for he tears up whenever he thinks about all the terrible things he has done, and even when the one person he knows that can kill him isn't ready to kill him. Also, though he showed that he cared for people's lives, he makes no attempt to help Fairy Tail when they are being put into mortal danger; instead, he simply tells himself that he will have to find another person to kill him, for he believes that Natsu will die.

Also, Zeref doesn't consider anyone his enemy nor ally. However, when he discovers that someone has evil intentions, has committed unforgivable sins, or even looks up to him, he will not hesitate in ruthlessly killing that person as he doesn't want evil to be ruining the world just as he did once. He doesn't appear to have any companions or allies, sans his followers who he despises because they worship him. However, in a conversation with Mavis Vermilion, it is revealed that he and Mavis were close to each other 7 years ago.

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