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Anime Profile: Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf

USA Info
Japanese Info
Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry WolfBattle Fighters: Garou Densetsu ("Battle Fighters: Legend of the Hungry Wolf")Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf
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Battle Fighters: Legend of the Hungry Wolf
1 OVA episode (46 mins.)1 OVA episode (46 mins.)
Viz Video
Masami Obari
Action, Martial ArtsAction, Martial Arts
Fatal Fury 2: The New BattleBattle Fighters: Garou Densetsu 2
· · ·
Fatal Fury: The Motion PictureBattle Fighters: The Motion Picture
· · ·
Art of FightingRyuuko no Ken
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Characters: Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Andy Bogard --?-- Geese Howard --?--
Joe Higashi --?-- Lily --?--
Terry Bogard --?--

Description: Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf

Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf is about Terry and Andy Bogard. The story starts when they are children and their father, Jeff Bogard, gets killed by Geese Howard. This prompts the Bogard brothers to go off and train so that they may achieve enough skill to defeat the man who killed their father.

Ten years later they return. While looking for Geese Howard, Terry meets Lily in a bar. A fight soon ensues, and Terry ends up beating everyone in the bar. Joe Higashi then comes to challenge Terry to a fight. Terry accepts. It doesn't last long as the cops move in to break it up. The two men make a run for it. Joe says he knows Terry's younger brother, Andy. They both decide to join the King of Fighters tornament. The next day, Terry meets Andy at the graveyard where the two start to battle. Only minutes into the fight, their master (Master Tan) breaks it up. He tells them that he will teach a secert techinque to only the best fighter. They will need this techinque to defeat Geese.

When the King of Fighter's tornament starts, Lily is sent by Geese to kill Terry with a poisioned bottle of wine. She is unable to go through with it, and they end up falling in love instead. Terry, Andy, and Joe all beat their respective opponents, when finally the match is set for Terry and Andy to fight. What they don't know is that Geese has hired assassins to kill the Bogard brothers so that they don't learn the secert techinque that Master Tan will teach one of them. As the fight starts, Joe sees the assassins and jumps in front of the bullet. The assassins go for another shot, but the lights go out and the three of them vanish. Lily had shut-off the power and had tried to save them, but in doing so she, herself, got killed. Moments later they are surrounded by many men. All of a sudden Master Tan comes through the gate to rescue them. On their way out, Billy (a fighter and a worker for Geese Howard) severly injurs Master Tan.

They arrive at a hospital to treat Master Tan and Joe Higashi. The doctor says Master Tan will die soon. This causes Andy to run out, with revenge soley on his mind. Master Tan awakes, and stops Terry from going after Andy. Master Tan had choosen Terry to learn his secert techinque, "The Hurricane Punch", which creates a type of hurricane. After Master Tan had shown Terry how to do this techinque, he goes into a deep trance.

Meanwhile, Joe and Andy arrive at Geese's fortress, attacking all the guards. Andy kicks Billy's ass, and Joe Higashi fights a giant wrester. When Andy and Joe confront Geese, he takes them out with one shot. Then Terry arrives and swears to kill Geese. He trys his power wave and burn knuckles, but Geese knows all his moves. All but one, that is. Terry uses the Hurrican Punch. The first attempt was weak, and was stopped by Geese. The second attempt left Geese flying through the air and into the lake. In the end they all go there separate ways.

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