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Character Profile: Laocorn Gaudeamus

USA Info
Japanese Info
Laocorn Gaudeamus Laocorn Gaudeamus Laocorn Gaudeamus (Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture)
Mars(God of war)  
Human/god Human/god
Male Male
Bluish-purple Bluish-purple
Blue-violet(right), gold(left) Blue-violet(right), gold(left)
Warrior Warrior
Matt Hill  
Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture Battle Fighters: The Motion Picture

Character Description: Laocorn Gaudeamus

Laocorn and his twin sister, Sulia, are left on their own after their father is killed by a jealous co-worker. When Laocorn goes to get his revenge, he is shot... and then his arm fell on a piece of the God armor. It fused with him and he used his newfound powers to kill his father's murderer.

But merging with the armor warped his mind, and he became obsessed with finding and assembling the remaining pieces of armor. Sulia, however, ran off with a vital clue/piece of the armor. And so the chase was on.

Laocorn and his associates, Hauer, Jamin, and Panni, fought the Bogard brothers (Terry and Andy), Joe Higashi, and Mai Shiranui for the remaining pieces, but no matter what the "heroes" did, they were unable to stop Laocorn from assembling the armor.

But good things do not last for long, as it finally fell upon Sulia to stop Laocorn... and she did so by stabbing herself in the heart (they are physically/psychically linked somehow). Terry finished the weakened Laocorn off with a punch and as the armor melted off of him (leaving a rather exposed Laocorn), he realized what he had done and began crying over Sulia's death.

But the God armor wasn't finished yet... it reassembled itself and attacked Mai, but Andy jumped in front of her and Laocorn jumped in front of him, getting incinerated by a blast from the armor and maybe redeeming himself as well.

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