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Character Profile: Arturia Pendragon

USA Info
Japanese Info
Arturia Pendragon Arturia Pendragon Arturia Pendragon (Fate/Stay Night)
· · ·
"King Arthur" "King Arthur"
Female Female
Over 2000 years old Over 2000 years old
Blonde Blonde
Green Green
Former monarch of England, now servant for Shiro Emiya Former monarch of England, now servant for Shiro Emiya
Kate Higgins Ayako Kawasumi
Episode 1, "The Day it Began" Episode 1, "The Day it Began"
Fate/Stay Night Fate/Stay Night

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Arturia Pendragon

Arturia Pentdragon was, at one time, the Saxon king of England, a foundation for the legends of 'King Arthur'. In spite of uniting England in its early years after the fall of the Roman Empire, Arturia had experienced doubts about her leadership, which ultimately led to her downfall.

Now a servant for Shiro Emiya, she is known as 'Saber'. However, Rin Tosaka had tried to summon Saber at the beginning of the series, only to get Archer instead. Because of Shiro's lack of magical experience, Saber cannot assume an invisible form, and as a result must live with Shiro.

Saber does have the advantage of magical weapons. Her principal weapon is Excalibur, the legendary weapon she gained from the Lady of the Lake. She also has Excalibur's sheath, Avalon, which can form a shield around its wielder. She is also an excellent swordswoman, which could be the reason why Saber is classed as 'most excellent' as a servant.

In the past battle for the Holy Grail, Saber had ended up destroying the chalice because she felt her master was unworthy of it. She now wished to fight in order to make-up for destroying the Grail in the first place. She is, however, feeling stymied because Shiro insists upon protecting her, despite her skills.

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