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DianaDianaDiana (Fencer of Minerva)
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"The Slave Queen"
20 years old20 years old
Light BlueLight Blue
Slave, later queen/slave of DoriaSlave, later queen/slave of Doria
Tara Jayne
Fencer of MinervaFencer of Minerva

Character Description: Diana

Even though she was a princess in the kingdom of Doria, Diana grew to hate it. It was at the cost of the life of her childhood friend, Prince Sho that she gained that title. Her father, Randis, had usurped, then killed the previous king Baasen to gain it. He then sent his guards to kill Sho, who fell over the edge of the castle mesa into the river.

Years later, King Randis arranged to have Diana wed to Prince Dunan of Guptia, hoping to cement an alliance. Rather than submit to this, Diana chose to escape. Disguising herself as a man, she stole away from the castle and wandered the town, looking for a mount to leave. While watching the slave market, she saw a young girl, Fina, being abused by the traders auctioning her off. She stole a horse (the horses of Fencer of Minerva look almost like tauntauns from Star Wars), grabbed Fina, collapsed the traders' tent and fled the city.

However, after they had rested far from the city, the girls horse was attacked and eaten by water lizards from a nearby stream. Then a group of nomads had saved them, hoping to exchange Fina for the task. Diana then fought the nomads, where they found that she was a girl as well. Diana was quickly overcome and taken captive as well. Afterwards, she was made a slave along with Fina and trained to be one, all the while none of them believing Diana was a princess of Doria.

That night, the nomad tribe was torturing Diana to submit to them when a lone warrior had rode into their camp. One of them made the mistake of challenging the stranger, and paid for it with his life. The chief of the tribe, Teo, then challenged the stranger. The two had fought, with Teo disarming the stranger. But the stranger won using a dagger that Diana had recognized as belonging to Sho. Impressed by the stranger's ingenuity, Teo had made friends with the stranger, who identified himself as Sho... who turned out to be the same Sho that Diana had known... and whose father was also Teo's friend.

Diana (Fencer of Minerva) Diana was later given to Sho, which she pledged herself to him as his slave... and lover. It was the next day that Teo had reveled to Sho and Diana that he knew King Baasen and pledged to Sho his alliance to him.

Diana never really wanted to be a slave in the first place. But strangely enough, as a slave, Diana had actually felt even more free. That was put to the test when she was captured by Dunan, who had sexually abused her. Later, when Sho and Teo had invaded Doria to free her, she had taken the dagger that belonged to Sho (for which Dunan had taken for himself) and killed Dunan with her bare hands. She later presented the dagger to her father, King Randis, when Sho had captured him. Randis immediately afterward committed suicide, proclaiming his sorrow for grieving Diana.

Although Diana was later freed by Sho, she instead chose to remain his slave. The two would remain together for many adventures. Afterward, when Sho decided to become king of Doria himself (for a while, he had Teo as his regent), Diana would remain his slave, even though she was now a queen. She had became admired by all the women of her world, and long after her death, she was known as "The Slave Queen."

Even though she was a slave, Diana is very defensive about Sho. In fact, she could handle a sword just about as good as any man, and had often fought at Sho's side when he needed it. And this skill came in handy when she challenged Hilda to a sparring match when the two traveled to Guptia.

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