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Anime Profile: Final Fantasy: Unlimited

USA Info
Japanese Info
Final Fantasy: Unlimited Final Fantasy: Unlimited(ファイナルファンタジー:アンリミテッド) Final Fantasy: Unlimited
· · ·
  Fuainaru Fuantajii: Anrimiteddo(romanization)
25 TV Episodes 25 TV Episodes
October 28, 2003 Oct 2, 2001–Mar 26, 2002
ADV Films GONZO/Dentsu/Square-Enix/TV Tokyo
  Akitoshi Kawatsu, Square-Enix(based on the video game series)
Charle Campbell Mahiro Maeda
Action, Fantasy, Adventure Action, Fantasy, Adventure
· · ·
Fantasy, Adventure Fantasy, Adventure
Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals
Earl Tyrant Count Akebu
· · ·
Fungus Fungus
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Final Fantasy: Unlimited

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Earl Tyrant Count Akebu Fungo Fango
Fungus Fungus HugHug HugHug
Herba Herba Joe Hayakawa Jou Hayakawa
Oscha Oscar Kinokogu --?--
Ai Hayakawa Ai Hayakawa Knave Nav
Aura Aura Lisa Pacifist --?--
Black Wind Kuroi Kaze Lou Lupus --?--
Bolbol Bolbol Madoushi Madoushi
Cacta-Babies --?-- Mary Hayakawa Mari Hayakawa
Cactuars Sabotender Miles Mireth
Chobi Chobi Moogle Mogri
ChocoBaba ChocoBaba Omega Omega
Chocoimo Choboimo Pist Pis
Cid Cid PoshiePocket Pochepoke
Clear Kuria Sagi Sagi
Crux Crux Somosan Somosan
CubeAshura --?-- Viking --?--
Fabula Fabura White Cloud Shiroi Kumo
Frog Hermit Frog Sage Yu Hayakawa Yu Hayakawa

Anime Description: Final Fantasy: Unlimited

Twelve years in the past, two mysterious monsters appear from a pillar of darkness that erupted from the ocean. These two creatures battle, and in destroying each other, leave the pillar behind- a gateway to another world.

At current day, Ai and Yu Hayakawa venture forth into this dark portal via the Ghost Train (boarding at 13 minutes and 13 seconds after midnight on a full moon), taking them to the mysterious Wonder Land. It is on this train ride that they meet Lisa Pacifist, a woman who uses the Kigen arts. They also meet other figures, like the Comodin and the Earl's henchmen, on their journey to find their parents.

The story also surrounds a man by the name of Kaze, who posses a weapon called the MaGun, from which beasts can be summoned via the power of Soil. He has no memory of his life before, but he does not care how many people he kills as long as he can defeat his long-time rival, White Cloud....

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