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Character Profile: Linaly

USA Info
Japanese Info
Linaly Linaly Linaly (Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals)
Human Human
Female Female
Blue Blue
Blue Blue
Descendant of a Valiant One Descendant of a Valiant One
Sherry Lynn  
Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals

Character Description: Linaly

Young Linaly is descnded from Butz, one of the great heroes who defeated Exodes (also known as Exdeath) and saved Planet R so long ago. And when the Crystal of Wind becomes endangered, she finds herself right in the thick of things. Her grandfather had set out to seek the Wind Crystal, but Linaly had worried about his age and set out with him. A surprise attack leaves her grandfather exhausted, and Linaly is forced to continue the journey without him.

Later, when Linaly finally locates the Temple of the Wind and encounters the Wind Crystal, two things happen First, upon touching it, both she and Prettz are met with a horrible vision of the past. Second, upon further examination, the crystal does the strangest thing: it lodges itself within her. This not only raises some eyebrows but becomes a source of embarassment for Linaly, as she sometimes gets a glow in her rear end.

When Ra Devil finally realizes where the Wind Crystal is hidden, he figures out how to get it: he simply takes Linaly, Crystal and all. Thus, everyone else sets off for the Black Moon to rescue her and stop Ra Devil.

Linaly is very spiritual and skilled in some of the magic arts. She has become proficient in the art of the Summoner, her specialty in summoning the Chocobo. She also possesses a yin-yang earring which she can use as a magical guide.

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