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MidMidMid (Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals)
Human GhostHuman Ghost
Over 200 yearsOver 200 years
One of the Valiant OnesOne of the Valiant Ones
Julia DeMita
Final Fantasy: Legend of the CrystalsFinal Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals

Character Description: Mid

Two hundred years ago, Mid and his grandfather Shido (aka Cid), both renowned scholars, would prove key in guiding the four Warriors of the Crystals to victory over Exodes. However, the effort and pain that Shido held inside proved to be too much. he died soon after Planet R returned to peace. In his final words, Shido confessed that he should never have tried to understand the power of the Crystals and that they should never have been examined, let alone tampered with. He had burned all his notes and intended to take his remaining secrets to the grave with him.

But as Mid prayed over his grandfather's grave, another dark force intended to make sure that Shido's secrets were kept intact. Ra Devil extricated Shido's body and proceeded to steal his brain.Mid protested...and was killed for his resistance.

Because of his continuing torment over the fate of his grandfather, Mid became a ghost who eventually sought residence in the Crystal of Wind. The vision Prettz and Linaly shared when they touched the crystal was Mid's memory of that horrible day. Then, while Linaly, Prettz, and Valkus were captives of Rouge, the Wind Crystal temporarily removed itself from within Linaly, and Mid emerged from the Crystal. He got the usual reactions (and then some trash talk from Prettz for several reasons, including the fact that Mid seemed to be attracted to Linaly).

Mid cannot rest until his grandfather Shido is at peace as well, and to that end, he helps the others in their quest to stop Ra Devil, who even now is tapping into Shido's secrets to try and reawaken the power of Deathgyunos: the Void.

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