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Character Profile: Cid Highwind

USA Info
Japanese Info
Cid Highwind Cid Highwind Cid Highwind (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)
Captain(by members of his airship crew) Captain(by members of his airship crew)
Human Human
Male Male
34 years old(Born February 22, 1975) 34 years old(Born February 22, 1975)
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
5'8" 178cm
Type B Type B
Airship Pilot and Captain Airship Pilot and Captain
"She's a beaut. My SHERA, latest model. I'll give you the grand tour afterwards." "The new version of Sierra! I'll let you ride it later!"
· · ·
"Yee-haw!" "Ready."
· · ·
"This is man talk."(In reply to a question from Yuffie) "It's man's talk."(In reply to a question from Yuffie)
Chris Edgerly Kazuyuki Yama
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Character Description: Cid Highwind

The sailor-talking airship pilot captain is back, only he's now wearing a blue T-shirt with his jacket around his waist. But you can not forget one tiny little detail that is only stated when talking to one person in the "Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII" video game: Cid is now married to Shera, his assistant from back when ShinRa was going to blast a rocket into space. Unfortunately, Shera is affected by the stigma, stated so at the very end of Part II of Barret's story in "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children -- The Novel.s"

Cid still has yet to kick the smoking habit, and he still has his trademark spear. He appears to help defeat Bahamut Sin, seeming to just show up out of nowhere to save Tifa and Denzel from the Shadow Crawlers with his spear. (NOTE THAT IN "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete" HE DOES NOT SHOW UP TO SAVE THEM AS THE SCENE HAS BEEN CHANGED!!) That, and to fly his latest airship, SHERA, named after his wife. As you can see from one of the quotes, he seems to be a LITTLE sexist when he talks to Yuffie at one point.

As the official Square Enix FF7 website, http://na.square-enix.com/us/games/final-fantasy-vii, says, "The best pilot in the air or on the sea, Cid is a tough-talking, warm-hearted old man who hasn't forgotten his dreams, believing that someday he'll be the first man in space. With his handmade spear and knowledge of machinery, he throws himself into any attack regardless of the danger."

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