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Anime Profile: Fist of the North Star

USA Info
Japanese Info
Fist of the North StarHokuto no Ken (北斗の拳)Fist of the North Star
152 TV episodes, 2 movies152 TV episodes, 2 movies
Manga Video (TV), Streamline Pictures (movie)Toei
Buronson, Tetsuro Haga
Toyoo Ashida
Action, Martial ArtsAction, Martial Arts
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Characters: Fist of the North Star

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Jagi Jagi Shin Shin
Ken Kenshirou Kasumi Souther Thouther
Raoh Raoh Alei ⊕ Alei ⊕
Rei Rei Bat ⊕ Bat ⊕
Ryuga Ryuuga Julia ⊕ Yuria ⊕
Ryuuken Ryuuken Lynn ⊕ Lynn ⊕

Description: Fist of the North Star

A post-apocalyptic wasteland may well be the perfect battleground for one of the most intense and most brutal action titles in anime: Fist of the North Star, the story of grand fighters and the quest for survival in a world thrown out of balance.

Ken is an enlightened warrior. He has been given the moniker "Fist of the North Star." He hands are capable of killing in one punch or healing the sick. Seeking his love Julia, who was taken from him by Shin, the Fist of the South Star, Ken wanders the wastelands, fighting those who would prey on the weak and sowing the seeds of hope for those who will accept. Even as his own mission drives him onward, destiny will bring him new friends and old enemies.

Even in this very brutal and graphic title, there is hope, hope for a future.

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