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Character Profile: Raoh

USA Info
Japanese Info
Raoh Raoh(ラオウ) Raoh (Fist of the North Star)
Raoh (Fist of the North Star)
Fist King Ken-Oh
· · ·
Conqueror of the Century's End Seikimatsu Hasha
· · ·
Laoh(NES game) Laoh
Human Human
Male Male
Silver(Manga), Black(Anime) Silver(Manga), Black(Anime)
6'11" 211 cm
320 lbs 145.1 kg
Dead Dead
"My life was one lived without a single regret!" "My life was one lived without a single regret!"
Tom Wyner(anime), Wally Burr(movie), Andrew Love(Ten no Haoh) Kenji Utsumi, Takashi Ukaji(Legend of True Savior)
Episode 32 Episode 32
Fist of the North Star Hokuto no Ken

Character Description: Raoh

The self-proclaimed Ken-Oh (拳王; "Fist King") and the "Conqueror of the Century's End" (世紀末覇者; Seikimatsu Hasha), Raoh is the distant big brother of Kenshiro and Toki and leads his army to deliver order to the land with an iron fist. Despite being a cruel, ruthless tyrant, Raoh is shown to have compassion deep in his heart and mourns for the fact that he has to kill his brothers to achieve his goals, but places his ambition above anything else. When he discovers that Yuria is the Last General of Nanto and takes her for himself, he finds he cannot defeat Kenshiro, who has learned the ultimate Hokuto Shinken technique Musou Tensei. Believing that by killing Yuria, he will come to learn of sorrow and achieve the technique, until she reveals she is already dying from radiation sickness. Admitting his love and sorrow over her impending doom, Raoh extends her life, which also enables him to learn Musou Tensei, but at the cost of being unable to best his adoptive brother.

When Raoh is defeated by Kenshiro, he commends his younger brother and raises his fist, dying in a pillar of light and restoring it to the world.

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