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RyugaRyuugaRyuga (Fist of the North Star)
The Lone Wolf StarTenrou Sei
Whitish BlueWhitish Blue
6'3"191 cm
231 lbs104.8 kg
"The world needs a style like mine."
Hori Hideyuki
Episode 73Episode 73
Fist of the North StarHokuto no Ken

Character Description: Ryuga

Ryuga is a follower of Raoh's army and also Yuria's older brother. His constellation is that of the solitary Sirius Star and possesses a merciless and brutal fighting style called Taizan Tenrou Ken (Taizan Heavenly Wolf Fist), which scoops out the opponent's flesh, leaving them with a cold, numbing sensation before they die. Ryuga's fighting style is unique, and belongs to neither the Hokuto Shinken or Nanto Seiken disciplines; hence his moniker "The Lone Wolf Star."

Ryuga believed that in such a chaotic century, a brutal fighting style was needed to guide it, and believed that Raoh was the one. However, upon meeting Kenshiro, Ryuga thought that maybe he was the one and not Raoh. To confirm this, Ryuga attempted to fight Kenshiro, but he would not fight back, saying that he had no qualms with Ryuga. Ryuga realized that the only way Kenshiro would fight him was if he was angered in some way. Ryuga found Toki, Kenshiro's adopted brother and Toki, being ill, couldn't fight back. Ryuga took the defeated Toki to his lair.

Upon finding out what Ryuga had done, Kenshiro broke into his lair, to discover Ryuga and a trail of blood. Ryuga claimed that the blood was Toki's and that he had killed him. Enraged, Kenshiro fought with Ryuga and defeated him. Just when Kenshiro was about to land the finishing blow, Toki came out of the shadows and told him to stop, and that Ryuga was already finished. Kenshiro was shocked to discover that the trail of blood was not that of Toki's, but Ryuga's; he had slit his own stomach before the fight. He was even more shocked to discover that Ryuga was Yuria's older brother.

Ryuga claimed that he was destined to help Kenshiro and that this was the only way. Ryuga died alongside with Toki, happy in the comfort that he had finally found the savior of the century.

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