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Character Profile: Shin

USA Info
Japanese Info
Shin Shin Shin (Fist of the North Star)
King King
Male Male
Blond Blond
Blue Blue
6'6" 198 cm
216 lbs 98 kg
Succesor of Nanto Koshu Ken Succesor of Nanto Koshu Ken
Those who forget to fight...die!  
Toshio Furukawa Toshio Furukawa
Fist of the North Star Hokuto No Ken

Character Description: Shin

Shin is the ruler of the Southern Cross city, and Kenshiro's former friend. Shin is also the successor of the fighting style Nanto Koshu Ken (Nanto Lone Eagle Fist) which focuses on stabbing an opponent.

Shin secretly loved Yuria, Kenshiro's fiancee, and Jagi, Kenshiro's adopted brother convinced him that Kenshiro was too weak to protect her. Shin defeated Kenshiro and put seven holes in his chest in the shape of the Big Dipper, also taking Yuria with him.

Later on, Shin called himself King and raised an army of thugs. To display his love for Yuria, he built her an entire city called the Southern Cross and showered her with gifts, even building a statue for her. But Yuria didn't accept them; they were obtained by evil methods.

Yuria couldn't accept that all the evil Shin and his army were doing was all because of her, and so she lept off a building, but survived. Shin found Yuria and entrusted her to the Nanto Goshai, as Shin knew he couldn't protect Yuria from Raoh, who wanted to take over Southern Cross to get her. The Nanto Goshai also persuaded Shin to pretend that Yuria was dead to further protect her.

Kenshiro finally found Shin and killed him using Hokuto Juji Zan (Hokuto Cross Kill), pounding the symbol of the Bloody Cross into Shin's chest. Kenshiro gave Shin some time to allow Shin to talk before he died and Shin told Kenshiro that Yuria was dead. Before Hokuto Juji Zan could kill Shin, he jumped off the building to his death.

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