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Character Profile: Souther

USA Info
Japanese Info
Souther Thouther Souther (Fist of the North Star)
Human Human
Male Male
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
5'11" 180 cm
216 lbs 98 kg
Holy Emperor Holy Emperor
"Assuming a stance implies defense. My fighting style is only offense."  
  Ginga Banjō
Episode 62 Episode 62
Fist of the North Star Hokuto no Ken

Character Description: Souther

Souther is the ruler of all the Nanto stars, and is also the successor to the Nanto Seiken fighting style Nanto Hō-ō Ken (Nanto Phoenix Fist). Abandoned as a baby, Souther was found by Ōgai, a previous Nanto Hō-ō Ken successor. Ōgai adopted Souther, raising him up lovingly, and trained him in the fighting style.

When Souther became a teenager, Ōgai blindfolded him and instructed Souther to defend himself against an attacker. Souther did as Ōgai instructed and struck the assailant, only to discover that the attacker was Ōgai himself. With his last breath, Ōgai explained that there could only be one successor to Nanto Hō-ō Ken. As he watched his master die, Souther was deeply traumatized and swore never again to love to avoid being hurt again.

Souther grew up to be a cruel, heartless tyrant, declaring himself the Holy Emperor and enslaving children to make a pyramid to honor his deceased master's body. Kenshiro approached Souther and the two engaged in combat. To his surprise, Kenshiro found that his Hokuto Shinken techniques were ineffective against Souther, and as a result, was defeated. Afterwards, Kenshiro discovered the reason why; Souther's heart was on the right side, thus all his pressure points were reversed.

Armed with this newly found knowledge, Kenshiro challenged Souther again and the two fought fiercely. Despite Souther's best efforts, Ken defeated him using Ujō Mōshō Ha (Humanist Fierce Flying Rip). Souther finally opened up his heart and remembered the happiest times of his life before dying beside Ōgai's body.

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