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Japanese Info
Flame of ReccaRecca No HonouFlame of Recca
42 TV episodes42 TV episodes
Shogakukan, Studio Pierrot
Nobuyuki Anzai
Domon IshijimaDomon Ishijima
· · ·
Fuko KirisawaFuuko Kirisawa
· · ·
Kage Houshi (Kagero)Kage Houshi (Kagero)
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Characters: Flame of Recca

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Domon Ishijima Domon Ishijima Kurei Kouran Kurei Kouran
Fuko Kirisawa Fuuko Kirisawa Recca Hanabishi Recca Hanabishi
Kage Houshi (Kagero) Kage Houshi (Kagero) Tokiya Mikagami Tokiya Mikagami
Kaoru Koganei Kaoru Koganei Yanagi Sakoshita Yanagi Sakoshita
Kouran Mori Kouran Mori

Description: Flame of Recca

Flame of Recca tells the story of a young teenage boy named Recca who, ever since he could remember, wanted to be only one thing - a ninja, who was sworn to protect his master. He thus raises a challenge to anyone in his school that, should anyone defeat him in battle, he will gladly serve as the victor's personal ninja. Many have tried, especially his classmates Domon and Fuko, but none of them have ever beaten him yet.

One day, Recca meets Yanagi Sakoshita outside of school. He is immediately enthralled by her. Later, while trying to save Yanagi from falling concrete pillars, Recca instead is crushed by them. In between life and death, Recca sees a vision of Yanagi, as a noble princess. Yanagi meanwhile, rushes to the fallen Recca and uses her healing powers to cure his injuries. When Recca regains consciousness, he sees Yanagi and, remembering his vision, decides that he will be the ninja to his "Hime" (princess) Yanagi.

The healing powers possessed by Yanagi would later on play a significant role in the series, as a power-hungry tycoon named Mori Kouran seeks the way to immortality and sees Yanagi's healing powers as a means to achieve it. With his adopted son Kurei, they hatch a plan to kidnap Yanagi and perform tests on her.

Meanwhile, Recca and his friends are visited by a mysterious lady named Kage Houshi, who seems to have hidden information about Recca's past and an expertise in the identification and use of "madogous" or "elemental weapons". She also shows Recca that he can summon flames from his right hand/arm.

Recca must now learn about his true heritage and control his flame. His friends must also train to use their "elemental weapons" in order to help Recca fight Mori Kouran and Kurei in a "Killer's Tournament" for which Yanagi is the prize.

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