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Domon IshijimaDomon IshijimaDomon Ishijima (Flame of Recca)
15 years15 years
"I am da strongest!"
Flame of ReccaRecca no Honou

Character Description: Domon Ishijima

Domon is also one of Recca's high school classmates, and the "self-proclaimed" strongest boy in his high school. He also wants Recca to serve as his personal ninja, and thinks that Recca's "ninja obssession" is "outdated and uncool". Although he is strong, Domon is reckless and "not as smart" as Recca's other opponents (like Fuko), and he is defeated easily by Recca.

He has his pride though, and when push comes to shove, he is willing to help Recca and the others just to show that he is the strongest and can be of use to them.

Domon also has a big crush on Fuko, and he makes sure EVERYONE knows about it (much to Fuko's annoyance).

His elemental weapon (given by Kage Houshi) is called "Saturn's Ring", worn as a nose ring. It represents the power of the earth, and when it glows is gives its wearer superhuman strength and endurance.

Ishijima Domon is also referred to as Oni no Domon, or Domon the oni (Devil) as a result of his monstrous (for a teenager) strength; in the manga, Recca even comments that if he actually went toe-to-toe with Domon, he wasn't so sure he'd win.

After the Kurei mansion saga, Domon trains with the kuchibashi-o, or beak king, a madogu (or elemental weapon) he took from three of Kouran Mori's thugs (the three idiots), which is essentially a metal beak/crab-claw on a massive chain, which is directed by the users will.

Near the end of the anime, he receives a third elemental weapon called the Tetsugan, from a wizened old man that later reveals himself as Koku, one of Recca's eight flame dragons. This final madogu of Domon's is useless unless it has been placed in the user's stomach, fortunately, Domon accidently swallows it in his final match against Noroi, a corpse animated by an elemental weapon in the shape of a mask. The Tetsugan turns the user's body to steel for short periods, depending on the user's stamina, which makes it perfect for the likes of Domon, who doesn't know when to quit anyway.

Domon is usually underestimated as the weakest of Recca's allies due to his simple mind and reliance on brute strength. While it is formidable, Domon's physical strength and stamina are not his only weapons. Despite being simple, Domon's sheer mental strength has been known to break through illusions, and even enabled him to defeat Magensha's Homashin (Demon cannon) just by punching the spirit it blasted at him.

However, the greatest display of his mental strength, was when he defeated Noroi, who's helmet had latched onto his head in an attempt to erase his mind. It almost succeeded until the memory of Recca and their first fight at school reminded Domon of who he was, smashing the mask and exorcising the spirit possessing it.

Simple though he may be, Domon is, without a doubt, one of Recca's most valuable allies, one which will continue to get stronger alongside his flame wielding friend.

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