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Kouran MoriKouran MoriKouran Mori (Flame of Recca)
About 40 years oldAbout 40 years old
Type BType B
Kurei's stepfatherKurei's stepfather
"I want eternity!""I want eternity!"
Flame of ReccaRecca no Honou

Character Description: Kouran Mori

Mori Kouran is the 'real' villain who possess an evil heart with no love. He abused his stepson Kurei and taught him to have no emotion. He used Tsukino, his wife, and also Kurei's beloved stepmother as a bait so Kurei would always obey him. He implanted a bomb inside her body and he got a remote control that can explode when the switch is pressed. He believed that Kurei still had emotions that hidden secretly and he sent him to a mansion named 'Kurei's Villa'.

He then applied his 'secret weapon', named Kurenai. He sent the beautiful girl to Kurei's Villa to reveal Kurei's emotions. The plan succeed. Kurei fell in love with her and everything was revealed. The furious Mori came to the villa and beat Kurei badly.

Kurenai realized that she was only used as a toy for his plans. Kurei then told Mori that he had no feelings, and stated that he has nothing to do with Kurenai. As evil as he can be, Mori Kouran ordered Kurei to kill Kurenai. Of course, Kurei wouldn't do it.

Mori then reveals that he had implanted the same bomb inside Tsukino's body to Kurenai. He pressed the switch and Kurenai died as the bomb exploded. Kurei then reveals his flame, the 'Phoenix'. Kurenai became a flame and what Mori had feared came true. Even though he had the power to kill Kurei, he didn't do it realizing that Kurei is a demon and far more stronger than him. But he keep it a secret.

He used Kurei as his shield and weapon to fulfill his ambitions to become immortal. He found a girl named Yanagi Sakoshita. She has the ability to heal people, and Mori decides to send his minions for her. He sent Mokuren and Koganei. However, Kurei had failed him.

He then sponsored the 'Killer's Tournament', with a promise that if Recca's team lost, he could take Yanagi. Recca agreed and the Killer's Tournament began.

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