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Character Profile: Tokiya Mikagami

USA Info
Japanese Info
Tokiya Mikagami Tokiya Mikagami Tokiya Mikagami (Flame of Recca)
Male Male
18 years old 18 years old
Brown/dull gray Brown/dull gray
Green Green
High School Student High School Student
Paul Hunter  
Flame of Recca Recca no Honou

Character Description: Tokiya Mikagami

Tokiya Mikagami is an older student studying in Recca's high school. He seems dark, serious, and brooding. When Recca first meets him, Recca thinks Tokiya is a snob.

There is a reason for Tokiya's dark disposition. For about ten years he has been driven by one desire alone: REVENGE for the murder of his older sister right before his eyes. He has been searching all this time for anyone with information regarding his sister's killer.

Recca and Tokiya's paths cross when Tokiya sees Yanagi, who happens to have a striking resemblance to his murdered sister. Through a misunderstanding, Recca and Tokiya fight, and although Recca loses the first encounter, he later develops his flame further and manages to win the second battle, and later clears the misunderstanding between him and Tokiya.

Tokiya is an excellent fighter. He has strategy and can size up his opponents very well. It figures since he is the lone, surviving master of the "Hyomon Ken" sword technique, a very powerful style used in combination with his elemental weapon, the water sword called "Ensui". In its normal form it appears like a small sword hilt. But when it is dipped into water, it "absorbs" the water and "grows" a long sword blade. Ensui can use ALL properties of water, including ice and steam.

Later, during the final round of the Ura Bato Satsujin (Murderous Tournament), Tokiya faces off with someone whom he believes to be his sister's killer. To his shock, his opponent, Kai of Kurei's Uruha Kurenai team, is also a master of Hyomon Ken! Kai claims that Tokiya was a stand in should he die, and shows it by surpassing Tokiya's techniques with his own.

Near the end of the fight, Tokiya uses his own blood in Ensui, and manages to injure Kai, though he still loses due to losing consciousness. Kai reveals that he wasn't the one who killed Tokiya's sister, but that Tokiya's own sword-master did give him the drive to master Hyomon Ken. Kai then compliments Tokiya on his mastery of the style, before committing suicide. In the End, Tokiya finally leans the truth, but it may be more than he could handle.

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