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FLCLFLCL (フリクリ) ("Furi Kuri")FLCL
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Fooly CoolyFuri Kuri
6 OVA episodes6 OVA episodes
August 4, 20022002
FUNimation, Synch-PointGainax/Production IG
Kazuya Tsurumaki
Kazuya Tsurumaki
Crazy Comedy, MechaCrazy Comedy, Mecha
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Commander AmaraoCommander Amarao
· · ·
Eri NinamoriEri Ninamori
· · ·
Haruko HaruharaHaruko Haruhara
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Kamon NandabaKamon Nandaba
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Description: FLCL

Before you begin studying this series in any great detail, be warned: weird has got nothing on Fooly Cooly. Honestly, take any conceptions you have about what this anime is about and throw them out. It is that weird.

The story of Fooly Cooly revolves around a small group of people living together in a slightly off-kilter city. There is 12-year-old Naota, practically alone in the world with an otaku father and a brother currently in the states playing baseball. There is also Mamimi, the 17-year-old girlfriend of his brother, who seems to be paying a lot of attention to Naota himself lately.

Then the weird stuff begins when Haruko drops in, runs him over with a Vespa scooter, kisses him, and bashes him in the head with a bass guitar (oh, and he survived all that), and now strange things are coming out of his head...literally!. And this is just the first episode. Imagine five more episodes where things just get even wilder. And yet, every now and then, there is just the right dose of sanity to make this a short but sweet series.

In addition to its over-the-top weirdness, FLCL is loaded with self-reference, subtle elements, self-parody, a few degrees of tastelessness, and a story of coming of age in a place where the people who should care about you don't and those who shouldn't do. Oh, did I forget to mention the rock soundtrack that pervades the series' background music?

Incidentally, the term "Furi Kuri" is Tokyo slang, meaning to feel someone up in a provocative way. Also, the bass guitar in the series looks to be a Rickenbacker, called "Ricks" for short.

Description: FLCL

When I first saw Fooly Cooly, I was hooked. It has a great look and is hilarious, although quite confusing. I guess it is supposed to be set in the present day or something. Anyway it's about a boy who has an ordinary, boring life. He is constantly talking about his brother who is away in the U.S playing baseball (hence the fact he is always carrying a bat).

Then this girl hits him with her Vespa scooter. Now this girl and a robot are living with him and he's sprouting horns from his head which wind up turning to robots. His robot friend then eats him and fights the bad robots. (The robot craps him out afterward.) And it all has to do with a gigantic mysterious factory in his town.

Description: FLCL

FLCL is a story about a kid named Naota. He is a grammar school student who's brother is off playing baseball in America. His brother's girlfriend, Mamimi, starts to take a liking to him. Then, he suddenly gets hit by a mysterious girl named Haruko on a Vespa that is incredibly fast. When he comes to, she hits him with her bass guitar, and wonders why there is nothing coming out of her head. She leaves, and we see Naota trying to fix the bump in his head, but instead of a little bump, it's a horn. Naota goes to the hospital where Haruko had snuck in. She pronounces it as the disease FLCL, and trys to finish the job by hitting him on the head again with her guitar.

Later on at night he starts having spasms, and two robots come out of his head and start dueling. One of them looks like a walking television, while the other is a hand. The walking television wins, and then Haruko hits Naota with her guitar, which causes him to lose his memory. Haruko is then hired by Naota's father, and the robot is brought home as well.

The whole story is about Medical Mechanica, a large corporation with a giant iron as a factory, trying to destroy Haruko and take over the world. It seems that Medical Mechanica, the robots, and Haruko are all aliens trying to find a pirate named Atomsk.

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