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Commander AmaraoCommander Amarao (アマラオ)Commander Amarao (FLCL)
Bureau of Interstellar Immigration AgentBureau of Interstellar Immigration Agent
"You'll find out what you're dealing with eventually" (play clip)(play clip)
Dave MallowKouji Ookura

Character Description: Commander Amarao

Commander Amarao is the rather shady character that seems to know about the strange goings on in Mabase even when everyone else is confused. He is a rather average looking man with red hair, long sideburns, and huge black eyebrows.

He first appears in episode 4, when Naota starts to question his relationship with Haruko. He suddenly appears and attempts to give Naota some advice, telling him to steer clear of Haruko and telling him that she, being an older woman, is nothing but trouble. He later returns when Naota thinks he accidentally killed his father. He interrogates him for a bit and manages to make Naota admit that he does have rather strong feelings for Haruko.

He is the commander of a large immigration department on the outskirts of Mabase, a government organization charged with dealing with Medical Mechanica. Amarao explains a lot of things in the anime, why Haruko keeps fighting Medical Mechanica, why things keep coming out of Naota's head, what Medical Mechanica is actually trying to do, but the thing is he has very little power himself to change these things. He is forced to stand by and watch as Naota, Kanchi, and Haruko set the course of events, only able to attempt to guide Naota to the right conclusion.

He has a very big distaste for Haruko. It is never explained for sure, but there are strong signs that he knew Haruko from past experiences. Things he says to Haruko like, "I'm not a little kid anymore, I can buy my own insurance and everything." and "You're toying with my emotions again!" hint that he has had bad experiences with Haruko, possibly that she came to Earth once before and that Amarao was the one who's head she used originally (she does pull a small guitar out of Amarao's head, but she makes fun of him saying that Naota's is much bigger).

He also seems to see Naota as himself from the past, trying to guide him so he does not make the same mistakes with Haruko that he did, falling pray to her ploys and letting himself get used as a tool for her own gains. They do share some common traits; hating the taste of spicy and bitter things, liking sweet foods and drinks, and trying to be and act mature. He has a thing for Kitsurubami, his assistant, but she seems to want as little to do with Amarao as possible. Those big eyebrows he has on his head are actually fake, made from nori (sushi wrappers). Apparently he put them over his near-nonexistent real eyebrows so he would look more mature and manly, but gets taunts from Haruko about them instead.

Side notes: In episode 5, when the anime pokes fun at several other anime and movies, he appears in the form of the curved-chin Lupin the III style and also in South Park form for a few brief scenes. He appears to carry a pair of 9mm automatic pistols with him at all times, using them both in a gunfight with Haruko at a hair salon.

He knows more then his share of information about Haruko, Atomsk, the portal in Naota's head, and Medical Mechanica, but he appears to know all these things from experience, like all of these events have happened before. Another sign that he might have a connection with Haruko is that he also has a scooter, though it is a white Volkswagen Rabbit, not a yellow Vespa like Haruko's. Although he tries to help out Naota, he also appears to be very jealous of him, wondering just how he is able to pull such large things out of his head and wondering what Haruko sees in him.

Character Description: Commander Amarao

Amarao is a special agent of the Bureau of Interstellar Immigration. He apparently has some past with Haruko and claims to know who or what she really is. Amarao's childhood also seems to mirror that of Naota's.

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