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Lord CantiCantido-sama ("Lord Cantido")Lord Canti (FLCL)
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Lord Kanchi (alternate spelling)Kanchi-sama (alernate spelling)
TV-Boy (by Kamon)TV-kun ("TV Boy") (by Kamon)
None (referred to as male in the manga)None (referred to as male in the manga)
Medical Mechanical RobotMedical Mechanical Robot
-- none ---- none --

Character Description: Lord Canti

Kanchi is a tall blue robot, lanky in build with a TV for a head. He works for Naota and his family doing menial tasks like baking bread for their family bakery, washing cloths and the like.

He originally came out of Naota's head after Haruko whacked him across the skull with her Rickenbacker bass guitar. When he first came out, he was red, and fighting with a robotic hand that was actually bigger then him in total size. He won the fight but quickly after he was smashed across the back of the skull by Haruko's guitar, smashing the back of his TV head, breaking the TV case and causing his red color to turn blue.

When he is blue, he usually does what he is told and does not do much else. In his spare time when he is not doing chores, he looks around for the pieces of the back of his head that scattered when Haruko hit him, trying to fix himself. He does not respond to being hit or yelled at so he is rather easy going. He cannot talk, so he expresses himself using pictures displayed on the TV screen he has for a face.

When bad things come out of Naota's head, like nasty robots, and he gets his chance, he actually 'Eats' Naota, using him like a missing part. In doing this, he turns red and is able to fight much better, and able to turn into a mega-cannon which fires a glowing ball that can change direction and return to his barrel. Eventually he 'passes' Naota through his system and returns to his normal blue self.

Canti saying "The stupid clerk at the store was slow." Side Notes: Kanchi has the ability to take X-rays (episode 2). He can also fly (episode 2 and 4), is qualified to be a crossing guard (episode 6), can play baseball (episode 4), eat spicy curry (episode 3), and seems to be popular with the ladies (episode 5 and 6), even though he does not seem to care for the most part.

Mamimi names the robot Lord Canti in episode 2 after seeing it fly in the sky. The name comes from the deity in "Firestarter", a handheld video game to which she's addicted, and she believes the robot is that same god. Additionally, Canti never talks. The closest thing to "talking" it does is in episode 2, when text appears on its screen explaining why it was late back from an errand.

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