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Robot #1Robot #1Robot #1 (FLCL)
Medical Mechanica RobotMedical Mechanica Robot

Character Description: Robot #1

MM robot #1 is the first robot (besides Kanchi) to get out of Naota's head as a result of Haruko hitting him upside the head with her Rickenbacker bass guitar. He is also the first robot ever to have a fight with Kanchi.

When Kanchi first appears by coming out of Naota's head, he does not even get out completely before he is attacked by MM Robot #1 who uses his left hand to grab him and try to pull him back in. Kanchi manages to get out of Naota's head before the portal can close, in effect severing MM robot's hand from its body. This is not a total loss, as the hands can operate on their own. Kanchi has to fight with this hand that is equal in size to himself, able to defeat it in a rather one sided fight (this is before Kanchi was broken by Haruko's guitar).

By the next episode, MM robot manages to get out of Naota's head and attack the rather defenseless blue Kanchi. He beats on him for a good amount of time, using his super-extending right hand to attack Kanchi while the body and severed left hand fend off Haruko. He puts up a good fight, but once Kanchi merges with Naota, he disables the robot long enough for Haruko to smash it.

The robot is large and blue. It has tiny little pin-like legs and a giant torso and set of hands. We only see its left hand in the first episode, but by the second we can see all of it. It has one glowing red eye and can fire its hands like cannons at a object to attack or grab it, a cable attaching the hand to the body to pull the hand back or pull its body to whatever the hand grabs onto. It has no real reason for fighting with Kanchi other than all the MM robots appear to want to destroy Kanchi for a undisclosed reason.

Side notes: The robot loses its left hand when Naota's head portal closes with the hand outside of his head and not the rest of it, so when it appears later on in episode two, it has a large taser gun taped onto the stump where its left hand used to be. It's hands can move around like a person, the fingers acting like arms and legs so it can literally walk around and attack things independent from the rest of the body. When attempting to get through the portal, it causes two large banana-shaped horns on Naota's head, one in his forehead and the other on the reverse side of his head.

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