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Robot #2Robot #2Robot #2 (FLCL)
Medical Mechanica RobotMedical Mechanica Robot

Character Description: Robot #2

MM robot #2 is the robot that does not exit Naota's head, but Ninamori's head.

Naota had signs that another robot was getting ready to exit his head, but before it did, he got hit by Haruko's Vespa again and ended up slamming head on against Ninamori, his forehead slamming against her's. Somehow this transported the robot into her head, but Naota still had the signs that he was going to open the portal.

When the robot came out, it instead came out of Ninamori's head, but since she was not struck with Haruko's Rickenbacker bass guitar, the robot could only get partially out of her head and had to use Ninamori's body like an extremity of its own body. It uses Ninamori like a weapon to protect itself and attack Kanchi, but eventually passes through her head completely right before Kanchi destroys it.

It looks like a large green blimp-like bag with 3 large scissor-blade legs and a orange eye located at the top that can also open like a mouth. When it attempts to get out and gets stuck, Ninamori's head stays attached at the bottom and the robot uses her legs to kick and assault Kanchi and kick away Haruko's guitar when she tries to attack it. When Haruko distracts it, Kanchi comes up behind it and slams his fist into its eye (the first time Kanchi attacks another robot while still blue).

Haruko again tries to attack, but when she stabs the head and neck of her guitar into the eye, it opens like a giant mouth to push her away, only to have Naota's super spice curry lunch (which Haruko had with her) fall into the mouth when it closed. This lead to the robot passing completely through Ninamori's head and bunching up, turning different colors and apparently showing the common side effects people get from eating spicy curry, giving Kanchi enough time to blast it with his cannon.

Side notes: When it is trying to pass through Naota's head, the horns he gets take the form of cute white-furred cat ears sticking out of the top of his head. It does get hit by Haruko before Kanchi got to attack it, but it was hit by a little bard's guitar prop that one of Naota's friends had for the class play 'Puss in boots', the prop simply shattering when used and didn't hurt the robot at all.

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