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Robot #3Robot #3Robot #3 (FLCL)
Medical Mechanica RobotMedical Mechanica Robot

Character Description: Robot #3

MM robot #3 is by far the largest of the robots to come out of Naota's head. It appears to take the theme of a wild-west gunman to a bit of an extreme.

When Naota finally starts to change his outlook on life and becomes more outgoing and pro-active, he attempts to take Mamimi to a nice place for lunch, Naota's sudden interest in her causing Mamimi to retract from Naota. When Naota tries to kiss Mamimi, the first time he tried to kiss her and not the other way around, the robot comes shooting out of his head like a bullet. It sends both him and Mamimi up to extreme highs as it then attempts to make its way to the Medical Mechanica factory.

It gets attacked rather doggedly by a Bunny-suit clad Haruko, managing to ward her off and even using its many guns to deflect Kanchi's cannon shot with one of its own bullets. Before it can get to the factory, Kanchi pulls a guitar out of his head, a Gibson EB-0 bass, and uses it to knock a hole through it and send him crashing onto its head right behind the Medical Mechanica factory, taking the form of a giant hand.

MM Robot #3 takes the appearance of a giant robot, the size of a major sky scraper, with a large poncho covering its body and a wide brimmed hat, looking like a giant gunslinger from a western. It has a 1800's style western gun in each hand, of which it has 5 (including its feet which also have hands and hold guns even as it walks). It by far puts up the biggest fight with Haruko and Kanchi, almost killing Haruko if it were not for Kanchi improvising by pulling that Gibson out of his TV screen. Sitting on its head, the robot looks like a giant hand, the head acting as a wrist while all 5 arms are the fingers, displayed when it did a back flip and managed to shoot Haruko with all 5 guns at once.

Even after the robot is deactivated, its core continues to function and manages to snag both Kanchi and Naota, returning to the hole that Kanchi put in the hand and reactivating. Once reactivated, it reaches down and grabs the Medical Mechanica factory, wielding the building like an iron in an attempt to achieve Medical Mechanica's mission to iron out all the wrinkles on the planet.

Side Notes: When MM robot #3 attempts to get through Naota's head, it takes the appearance of a cocking hammer on the back of Naota's head, cocking back every time Naota does something unbecoming of his normal anti-social and inactive personality. When it manages to knock away the cannon shot that Kanchi fires at it, we find out that the glowing cannon ball is actually Naota pumped up with energy, which explains why the cannon ball always returned to Kanchi's barrel after it had been fired.

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