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Anime Profile: Flint the Time Detective

USA Info
Japanese Info
Flint the Time Detective Space-Time Detective Genshi-kun Flint the Time Detective
39 TV episodes 39 TV episodes
March 5, 2000 1999–2000
Hitoshi Nagao  
Flint Hammerhead Genshi-kun
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Anime Characters: Flint the Time Detective

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Flint Hammerhead Genshi-kun Might Maito
Merlock Holmes Kyouichirou Miss Jillian Grey Rei Jinguuji
Sara Goodman Sora Yamato Petra Fina Dagmar T.P. Lady
Bindi --?-- Rocky Hammerhead Ototan
Dr. Bernard "Bernie" Goodman Yamato-hakase("Dr. Yamato") The Dark Lord Kamen no Kata("masked man")
Dyno Daina Tony Goodman Tokio Yamato

Anime Description: Flint the Time Detective

Flint the Time Detective is based on history. A long time ago, time shifters were spread all throughout time, and it is up to the Time Police to to get them all. With the help of Flint, Sara, Tony, and Merlock, they must collect all of the time shifters and fix time as it should be. And if that's not enough of a chore, they must always be on the lookout for trouble caused by Petra Fina. In the end, however, they must team up and fight the evil Dark Lord.

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