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Merlock HolmesKyouichirouMerlock Holmes (Flint the Time Detective)
1/2 human, 1/2 vampire1/2 human, 1/2 vampire
About 15 yearsAbout 15 years
Pale lavender, wispy, shortPale lavender, wispy, short
Large and redLarge and red
Time DetectiveTime Detective
"I wasn't meant to sweat."
Flint the Time DetectiveSpace-Time Detective Genshi-kun

Character Description: Merlock Holmes

Pale blue-skinned, with lavender hair and red eyes, Merlock is certainly an interesting character. A Time Detective in charge and friends with the Time Shifter Bindi, he risks his life many times to stop the evil time traveling Petra Fina and her cohorts. He has tiny fangs, slightly pointed ears, and is tall and thin. He is a very intriguing character, but there is little info ANYWHERE on the web about him.

Character Description: Merlock Holmes

Merlock is literally head over heels over Sara. The first time they met he almost kissed her. He is usually seen with the time shifter Bindi. He has blue skin, wears a cape, and carries a rose (which turns into a cane). He just recently became a Time Detective, so now he is able to flirt with Sara anytime he wants to.

Character Description: Merlock Holmes

During the series not much is told about Merlock. He has pale blue skin and is a typical romantic teenager. He falls in love with Sarah, and this obsession kind of gets out of hand. In one of the episodes, when Sarah is made huge by means of a Time Shifter, Merlock is there to save the day with his cloak. But I doubt Sarah's idea of help involved a bunny suit, which she ordered him to change immediately.

Merlock also goes around with his Time Shifter Bindi. There is a pink octopus who is deeply in love with Merlock, and of course gets on his nerves. When the baddies capture her in one of the last episodes, he even acts relieved that she is not there to moan about what a waste of time it is looking over Sarah.

Merlock is half vampire (from his mother's side), and this is why he is blue. It also gives him the ability to heal quickly. Even with these powers and adventures, Merlock stills has his pride, and when in one of the episodes he nearly kills his own friends by transforming into a giant winged being, he is filled with shame and quits being a Time Detective. But this does not stop him from saving the day as he quickly regrets quiting and attempts save the day.

Overall, Merlock is a fascinating character and Flint and his friends wouldn't get very far if he wasn't there saving their butt 24/7.

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