The First RP!

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Re: The First RP!

by Tyche » Feb 26, 2014 5:17am

Word was spreading like wildfire around the school, and Laurilei had some lackeys bring her the news. It was easy to get them- she could easily tell any male to do something for her and they would without a second thought.

"So, tell me..." she whispered seductively to her newest pet.

Fritz moved on to her next class, English, which was a very easy subject for her. They got an assignment to write a short essay.

Re: The First RP!

by Imdabipolarbear » Feb 06, 2014 5:18pm

Jack was in his altering class. He always did just enough to get by. Manipulating the plants to be bigger than normal was very unnatural and he didnt really like it, but it got him through. He much preferred to make his own custom plants. He didnt even like this section. Size manipulation of most things was very unnatural. But as long as he did just enough, everyone else left him alone. He liked his silence. He was just gonna do what he did best and keep to himself for the day.


John drove to his office so he could plan his next move after Laura left.


Rozac made all the plans necessary for his attack on the school. He got his plans out and made sure everyone knew their places. After lunch, it would go down. He needed to do this to get everyone to shut up so he could think on his own. His plans always went off without a hitch. He always could outsmart the teachers in his strategy class.

Re: The First RP!

by Tyche » Feb 06, 2014 8:03am

Fritz arrived to her first class right as the final bell rang. She breathed a sigh of relief, knowing she wouldn't be deducted points since she was technically on time. However, this class was always her worst.

Shifting class.

Ducking from the judging glare of her instructor, she made her way to the only empty chair, front and center.

"Alright class, I know you've all been working very hard at shifting at will. Up until this point, you've only been shifting into one creature, the one that comes most naturally to you. Now, we're going to try changing into a different creature. I'll be assigning each of you an animal to transform into, and I want to see you all practicing until you get it done. You'll have one week to complete this assignment, and next week you'll need to preform the transformation for the class."

The teacher was walking down the aisles as she made her speech, putting a slip of paper on each desk.

Fritz was terrified of the coming assignment. She was far behind the other students. She was able to sometimes transform at will, when she really concentrated, but even then it was only into a cat. And, unlike most of the other students, she wasn't fully in control- if she was stressed or scared, she would transform without wanting to.

Even now, this situation was causing her fingers to elongate a little, her ears to become more pointed. Itchy whiskers were sprouting off her cheeks.

The teacher reached her desk, and seeing these changes, scowled. "That includes you, Miss Fitzgerald. And I'll deduct points if you're not in control, which you clearly aren't right now, young lady."

Fritz breathed a deep sigh as the teacher continued on. She looked at her paper. "Dog", it read. Should be easy enough. But Fritz still didn't feel confident in her ability.

"Don't worry, Fritz," the student behind her whisper. She looked over her shoulder. It was Aaron "Furie"! She hadn't even seen him. He, like her, seemed to struggle with his transformations, though he was better than she was. He transformed into a sparrow, and his human form even resembled one- short brown hair, small round face, a long nose, bright eyes. "We can work together. I won't judge. I hope you won't judge me either, haha."

Fritz nodded, excited at the prospect of having such a calm partner. If she was going to complete this assignment at all, she knew she'd be able to do so with his encouragement. Anyone else would be too harsh with her, and the stress of that would surely make her lose control.

"Thanks, Furie." Fritz beamed. "You're a real friend."

The final bell rang, and Laurilei could hear it from the car. "I should go. I'll keep an eye on your spawn, and bring you a report of the student morale later."

The vampire fairy left the car, crossed the lot, and entered the school. Even the empty halls reeked of discontent. Laurilei smiled.

Re: The First RP!

by Imdabipolarbear » Feb 05, 2014 5:33pm

((it seems to be going around. and yeah...they do a mix of normal classes and training to use their powers))

John only shook his head. "I wish he was stronger, but his main weakness is how easily manipulated he is. Even if he took up arms against me, as long as he had a strong will, I would be proud of him. But until then, he is a weak son. Its a good thing I have other seeds planted, that are much stronger than him. I'll admit, he was my favorite at first, but his weakness is disappointing. And yes, he is very much useful."

Re: The First RP!

by Tyche » Feb 05, 2014 4:58pm

((sorry to hear. I'm currently in the process of losing my job myself. =( ))

Laurilei cocked an eyebrow, and smirked, barely containing her laughter. "He keeps a journal? What a fool." She gave a short tut. "He's truly your spawn? He seems so... weak."

She looked over to John, who seemed to be scrutinizing her quite intensely. "Forgive me. In my family, such weakness would not be tolerated. However, he does seem to have his uses."


((do kids with powers go to normal classes, or do they do something else? I might also make up a few class mates.))

Re: The First RP!

by Imdabipolarbear » Feb 05, 2014 1:44am

(alright...nothing new on the job front and im depressed as all hell.....seems like business as usual.....Lets do this!)

John just shook his head. "He owes his life to me. I made him, so he owes me. And I plan on using every last bit of him I can. Hell, if it were possible, I would love to be able to take over his body myself so everything could go off even better." He paused for a moment and looked Laura over. "I wouldn't be able to enjoy your fine company as often Laura." He did so enjoy his chats with her. She seemed to be the only sane person in the world besides him. But he knew he didnt stand a chance against her. He knew that he was vastly inferior to her, but he didnt care. John had found his Muse, so to speak. "He seemed heart broken when the roof fell. That ought to keep him straight for a while. His journal entries have been rather sympathetic and weak recently."

Jack made his way to class, more tense than usual this day. Of course, slipping up like that doesnt help either. He rushed off to his class as well, in the opposite direction of Fritz. He was going to make sure he was prepared for anything the day had to throw at him.


"Ro, we need to go show them that you are still here and that you collect on your debts. Lets go!" One of the students was urging Rozac to take revenge. "We can do it. If you lead us, we will be your sword and your shield. Now lets go!!"

Rozac took a moment to think it over. It all made sense that they would attack him. All he wanted was peace, but there can be none until they were all wiped out. "We attack after lunch. I want everyone to be full of energy. Send the word around. The neighboring school has invited us to an assembly about collecting on debts." Once they were gone, he could be the artist he wanted to be and wouldnt have to put up with this war crap anymore.

Re: The First RP!

by Tyche » Jan 29, 2014 4:36am

((no problem, good luck with the search!))

Re: The First RP!

by Imdabipolarbear » Jan 28, 2014 10:28pm

((sorry, give me a few days...just got fired and im stressing too much to RP at the moment.....a few days to rest should do me some also gonna be looking for a new job hardcore the next few days as well...again....sorry))

Re: The First RP!

by Tyche » Jan 27, 2014 6:52am

Laurilei approached the waiting vehicle, and headed around to the passenger side where she let herself in, and took a seat. She closed the door before speaking.

"Does he suspect anything?" She asked, not looking at him, and instead continuing to survey the school ground. She didn't have to tell John who she meant by he. "You are truly evil, risking your own son for a little power." Her voice hinted that this was not unpleasant.


"O-oh, uh, okay." This was all extremely unusual, but she tried not to make it too awkward. "Well, thanks. Same to you. Seems today might be a pretty interesting day." A bell rang its warning. Fritz leaped comically at the sound. "Eep! I can't be late to class again!" She made a mad dash down the hall.

Re: The First RP!

by Imdabipolarbear » Jan 23, 2014 10:12pm

John drove to the meeting point. Everything so far was going according to Laura's plan. She hated when he called her that, but she wasnt going to kill him over it no matter how much she threatened. He knew she was a little fond of him, so he could get away with it. He pulled up and got out of his car. He knew to wait for her here so they could discuss the plan further.

Rozac was in school, trying to avoid glances in class. He pulled out the object in his pocket and examined in during class. He could see it was a wire, and not one that was supposed to be there. It seemed familiar, but he couldnt place it. He could hear people talking about attacking the other school to get back at them, but he didnt really care either way. He was going to focus on figuring out where this wire came from.


Jack walked in the school behind Fritz. He followed her to her locker since his locker was close by. As he walked by her, he noticed that she seemed unusually he suddenly said something very unusual for him. "If anything goes down, dont hesitate to call on me." He couldnt figure out why he said that, so he followed it up with "But you dont have to....." He muttered something else, then shut up and continued to his locker. He was gonna have to act like that didnt happen.

Re: The First RP!

by Tyche » Jan 23, 2014 11:02am

Fritz looked over to the other school. She knew about the animosity between the two groups, but she could never really comprehend it. Why did there have to be fighting? Couldn't both sides understand that they were essentially the same?

"Yeah... I've still got to get to my locker. See you later."

She headed into the school, lost to her thoughts.


How delightful~ Everything was unfolding exactly as planned. Laurilei's lip curled in a cruel smile, revealing the tips of her fangs.

Soon, the mortal groups would be at war. She and her brethren would feast on the weakened victors.

Re: The First RP!

by Imdabipolarbear » Jan 23, 2014 10:24am

Jack sighed and waved at Fritz's mother as she pulled away. Though not really too friendly himself, Fritz was probably the only person in the school who knew him the best, if only through the work they did in school. "Well, you would no doubt hear about it later anyways. The other school was having a rally when something exploded. The news said it appeared to be a burst-type who did it. And the main speaker of the rally was the student council president and the son of the 'Leader,' that Rozac fella. Such a weird name, but whatever. But the news and everyone on the other side is accusing one of us, and calling for blood, like usual. Of course, no one here knows anything about it, but since the big mans son was in danger, people think they might attack for real this time. I think we need to watch out for an attack from the school behind us, not the adults. But then again, who would listen to a kid like me?" Jack gave Fritz time to process everything he said. "Come on, we dont wanna be late."

Re: The First RP!

by Tyche » Jan 23, 2014 6:33am

Mother seemed anxious as they approached the school. Her hands were tight on the wheel, and her eyes where scanning the crowd of students. She leaned over to her daughter, and planted a distracted kiss on her cheek. "Be careful today, dear. If anything happens, call me and I'll be back to pick you up."

Again, very odd, but Fritz chalked it up to over-protective mom. "Alright, mom, I think I'll be fine."

She got out of the car, and headed toward the school. The air seemed to buzz with tension, much more so than normal. Fritz, who had become quite confident in her years studying here, was starting to feel quite anxious. The hair on the back of her neck began to stand on end... her pupils narrowing to slits...

She took a deep breath and cleared her mind. Whatever the tension was, it wouldn't help her to return to that feral state anymore.

At that moment, she caught a glance of a boy out of the corner of her eye. It was Jack. Though she and Jack weren't really friends, both seemed accepting of the other, conversing politely and working well together when put in a group. Not to mention, his usually calm demeanor made it easier for Fritz to keep herself under control when in his presence.

She walked over to him, her approach a little timid. "Hey, Jack," she said. "Do you have any idea what's going on, why everyone is so tense this morning?"

Re: The First RP!

by Imdabipolarbear » Jan 22, 2014 10:34pm

(feel free to make up nick-names for people with a general group of powers, like i did with calling people with explosive powers "Burst-types")

Rozac was pissed. Lately, every gathering had been interrupted by one of them. Now he remembered why he hated them. They always were starting something and trying to prevent the regular folks from defending themselves. They always started the fights. Well, he was gonna end this fight. He stood up and started looking around for whoever did this. cked He searched the crowd, scanning each face. Each one was panicked. No one was calm. No one he could see seemed to be the cause of the explosion. He looked around and saw his father, the Leader, coming to him. Rozac saw something in the rubble out the corner of his eye and started digging through it. He found an odd wire and pocketed it. He would examine it later. His father grabbed him and started yelling at him. "Why the hell were you just standing there staring at the falling rubble!? You could have been killed. If you are killed, what is going to happen to the future of the group? Nevermind that that its been ruined, you might as well go to school.....I still cant believe they put the schools right next to each other. "

Rozac sighed and followed his father. He just nodded silently and got in the car right out side the building. Because of his father, he didnt even need to talk to the police or anyone about what happened. He got in the car and noticed his fathers work laptop in the backseat. That seemed odd, but he was thinking about other things. He didnt even pay attention to his fathers lecture as he was being driven to the school.

Jack only shook his head at the news. He turned off the TV and attended to some of his favorite plants, before heading out the door to go to school. He walked to school since he didnt live that far away. As he was walking, he checked the pouches on his belt, checking to make sure each of his seeds were in there. He got good at avoiding the people who might jump him on the way to school. He got to the front of his school without incident again.

Re: The First RP!

by Tyche » Jan 22, 2014 1:34pm

Fritz woke late, as usual. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as she stood to leave her room. The smell of coffee was in the air, and she could hear the soft drone of the TV as she made her way to the kitchen and living area. Mom and dad were talking in not-so-hushed voices as she made her way down the hall.

"Again?" Her mother, her voice a shrill whisper. Though the woman tried, she simply couldn't keep her voice down. Effects of her life-long physical training. She could scream and sing so loudly that she could shatter glass and even destroy concrete walls. She could use her booming voice to cause people to stumble, fall, or even be blown backward some way. "Won't those people ever stop tormenting us?"

Fritz reached the end of the hall and looked at her parents. Her mother quickly flipped off the TV, from which Fritz had seen a momentary glance of a news shot of an explosion. "What's going on?" Fritz asked.

"Nothing, dear," her mother replied with a somewhat forced smile. Her father hastily started reading the newspaper, clearly not willing to give her an explanation either. "I made breakfast. Take your time, I'll drive you to school today."

At this Fritz raised an eyebrow. It wasn't often that mother offered her a ride to school. But she really didn't want to rush out to the bus that would arrive in ten minutes, so she didn't say a word.
Plus, mom had made banana creme muffins, and Fritz wanted to savor every bite.

Re: The First RP!

by Imdabipolarbear » Jan 22, 2014 11:15am

(Since no one else is joining at the moment, we will go ahead and get started and anyone else who wants to join can)

Why do we hate them? This one thought passed through his mind as he stood there

The crowd of people sitting in the bleaches sat quietly waiting for him to make his speech. He didnt know what to say. He was supposed to rally them to their cause. How was he going to make them follow him. He had been told it was his destiny. It was what he was meant to do. He sighed. "Today, my brothers and sisters, we are here to discuss -"

There was an explosion above his head. Rubble falling ever where, some of it seemingly aimed for Rozac himself. Using the physical abilities he had been trained to have since birth, he was able to easily move out of the way. The crowd started to panic and there seemed to be news reporters every where. Rozac looked around confused, not really knowing what was going on.

Jack was eating breakfast, watching the news when the news bulletin hit. According to the news, someone a burst-type power was used to ruin a peaceful gathering of non-powered folk worried about their kids.