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by LordFluffyButt's Stalker
Aug 05, 2007 12:07pm
Forum: Anime Discussions
Topic: A Parent's Guide for the Anime Obsessed
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A Parent's Guide for the Anime Obsessed

This is a guide I made for your parents so that way you people might be able to find some common ground where anime is concerned. Does it work? I dunno. It hasn't with my parents yet...but oh well, I just think it's funny! A PARENT’S GUIDE TO CHILDREN WHO ARE ANIME OBSESSED (Made by an anime lover f...
by LordFluffyButt's Stalker
Aug 04, 2007 1:19pm
Forum: InuYasha
Topic: Nicknames For Sesshomaru
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Nicknames For Sesshomaru

My friend Sarra and I started this a while ago, since we just plain got tired of saying Sesshomaru's full name. These are our top 5 most common names for him: 1. Sess 2. Sesshy 3. Lord Sess 4. Inuyasha's bro 5. Nikki's(my nickname) obsession And these are the not-so-common names that we'd call him i...
by LordFluffyButt's Stalker
Aug 02, 2007 3:21pm
Forum: InuYasha
Topic: funny inu scenes
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Re: funny inu scenes

Oh, I like in the first movie when moths attacked and Sesshomaru ended up planting his foot right in Jakkens face, and then Rin-chan stepped on Jakken, only adding insult to injury. :twisted: I'm just kinda masochistic about that stuff! WOO! \:D/
by LordFluffyButt's Stalker
Aug 02, 2007 3:06pm
Forum: InuYasha
Topic: If Naraku Farted etc.
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Re: If Naraku Farted etc.

well, personally (being fluffy butt's stalker that I am) i think sesshy's fart would send the end of that....fluff(whatever it is) flying out behind him and smacking Jakken in the face :twisted: but that could just be me....funny, never really thought of that before.....ah well! Toodles! :D