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by Pearlcougar
Feb 19, 2009 5:17pm
Forum: One Piece
Topic: Your Least Favorite Character
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Re: Your Least Favorite Character

Nicole Louis wrote:
eragon shadeslayer wrote:the one who eats everything
You mean Wapol? He ate the Baku-Baku fruit that makes him turn into anything he eats. XD
don't feel bad about saying 'Waffle', i said it for over a year! :mrgreen:

hmm,hard poll.I'd say my least fave is...kuroobi and Don krieg.that took about 5 minutes!
by Pearlcougar
Feb 19, 2009 4:51pm
Forum: One Piece
Topic: One Piece: Cutest guy.
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Re: One Piece: Cutest guy.

aaa most defenitly sanji!!!i'm devoted,for sure,i cant get enough

ps-im new, lets b friends anyone!also, dont make fun of me for liking sanji SO much plz, its my sickness!