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by DeathAce
Jun 07, 2009 3:15pm
Forum: InuYasha
Topic: Inuyasha series on Adult Swim
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Inuyasha series on Adult Swim

Is it me, or did they never finish the series on Adult Swim? I remember the first days of AD and when it first came on, creating another avid anime fan (Good or bad? The world may never know). But I've noticed since last year, what's happening is just reruns back to the beginning and that they've pu...
by DeathAce
Jun 06, 2009 11:30pm
Forum: Naruto
Topic: Haku was a GIRL, not a boy!
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Re: Haku was a GIRL, not a boy!

It is an accepted fact (though it doesn't seem widely spread) that Haku is a boy (or was, anyhow), which is why I voted male. But since we're free to give our opinions, I might as well say this: I hated as much as y'all did when it was proclaimed he's a dude, and evenmore when he died. In fact, when...