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by Insaneknight
Aug 18, 2009 1:01am
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Topic: Naruto (please join)
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Re: Naruto (please join)

Name:Andrew ikatsui Age:18 Gender:Male Village:Unknown Clan:Unknown Rank:missing nin Signuture jutsu(s):Hyouton: Moufubuki(Furious snowstorm), Hyouton: Koori-Mizu Tsuin Atama no Haidora (Ice-Water Twin Headed Hydra), Hyouton: Hyouchuujou (Ice Release: Ice Spiking Columns) Other jutsus: Suiton and ho...
by Insaneknight
Aug 18, 2009 12:52am
Forum: Role Playing
Topic: One Piece, a new crew. Spoilors
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Re: One Piece, a new crew. Spoilors

Name:Akitsui Age:18 Pirate/Navy/Pirate Lord:Pirate Rank:Crew member/ Shipwright Bio(If custom): Lazy , Sleeps alot when ever the chance is present, Slow to get interested in anything, (While in combat wakes up and laughs sadisticly while liking the blood off his blade. Weapons(If used): A large Scyt...