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by chris123
Jun 30, 2010 4:27am
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Topic: ending theme
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Re: ending theme

As Goku and Uub fight inside Dende's lookout, Emperor Pilaf scales the outside of the lookout, and sneaks in to the inner chamber, unnoticed. He finds the Black Star Dragon Balls, and summons the dragon. He is interrupted by Goku. Frustrated, he says that he wishes Goku were a child again so he coul...
by chris123
Jun 30, 2010 4:23am
Forum: Dragon Ball
Topic: Worse Dbz Saga
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Re: Worse Dbz Saga

Dragon Ball GT is the final anime series in the Dragon Ball franchise and a direct sequel to the Dragon Ball Z anime series.[1] Produced by Toei Animation, the series premiered on Fuji TV on February 2, 1996, spanning 64 episodes until its conclusion on November 19, 1997.[2] Unlike the other anime s...