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by Hinata_1
May 31, 2008 6:31pm
Forum: Anime Discussions
Topic: Shojo Anime
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Shojo Anime

I like shonen but i really wanna watch some shojo anime i dont really dislike anything except major violence but i can tolerate it if the anime theme is really good.< not neccissarily to be applied to shojo just a general fact about MY DISLIKES sorry for any misunderstandings Any suggestion Thanks I...
by Hinata_1
May 30, 2008 7:48pm
Forum: Bleach
Topic: Help Bleach otakus
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Help Bleach otakus

Hey ive been watching bleach for a while but then i stopped for club activities like 2 months ago and i cant remember the last wpisode i watched but i remeber the one before it it went someethin like the vizard have ichigo training with them an in the episode they were each taking turns at fighting ...
by Hinata_1
Oct 18, 2007 3:36pm
Forum: Naruto
Topic: naruto episode question
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naruto episode question

What episode is the naruto-sasuke fight? <the>
by Hinata_1
Aug 03, 2007 12:24pm
Forum: Anime Assistance (Q & A)
Topic: Kamichama Karin
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Kamichama Karin

How many episodes are there?
are they all out?

pretty much any info ^_^ =)
by Hinata_1
Jul 25, 2007 2:32pm
Forum: Anime Assistance (Q & A)
Topic: cardcaptors
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any help about anything in regards to cardcaptors would help
how many episodes?
is a starter but any info would help
please and thanks.. =)
by Hinata_1
Jul 03, 2007 7:19pm
Forum: Anime Assistance (Q & A)
Topic: Where can i find >please help<
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Where can i find >please help<

does anyone knoe where i can finf marchen awakens romance episode 58+ please any help would be greatly appreciated
by Hinata_1
Jul 03, 2007 7:16pm
Forum: Trash Bin
Topic: Legitimate Anime Downloading
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Re: Legitimate Anime Downloading

Please help where can i get mar episode 58 its the only one i don't have please help
by Hinata_1
Jun 21, 2007 7:42pm
Forum: Zatch Bell
Topic: Who's your favorite mamodo?
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Re: Who's your favorite mamodo?

brago wonrei or zeno its a close call
by Hinata_1
Jun 21, 2007 7:25pm
Forum: Naruto
Topic: Narutos true feelings for hinata
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Re: Narutos true feelings for hinata

funny that was hilarious.
no offense but hinata is my favorite character and that was kind of mean but hey we all laugh at others misery wheter we believe it or not
it not true thou naruto loves hinata just wait and see they'll be a couple <i'm only assuming on personal interest ok.
by Hinata_1
Jun 21, 2007 7:12pm
Forum: Naruto
Topic: Nartuo Episode
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Re: Nartuo Episode
thats where i watch all of mine
by Hinata_1
Jun 21, 2007 7:11pm
Forum: Naruto
Topic: Help, what episode is this?
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Help, what episode is this?

what episode is it when shikamaru says all i wanted was a simple life, i wanted to get married, have a good wife, two kids,...
or something like that i think it was in the sasuke arch but i'm not sure.
any help please

by Hinata_1
May 05, 2007 5:13pm
Forum: Naruto
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Where can you watch naruto shippuuden episode?

Youtube deletes them b4 i can watch them and now daily motion does to.

i have no clue how to use bittorent so thats out! anything you guys knows that can help will be greatly appreciated
by Hinata_1
Apr 21, 2007 12:11pm
Forum: Naruto
Topic: Artwork: Itachi the Murder
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Re: Artwork: Itachi the Murder

i'm not able to judge because well i'm a harsh critic but i'd give it a 5-6/10
by Hinata_1
Apr 21, 2007 12:08pm
Forum: Naruto
Topic: Specific Episode
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Specific Episode

Does anyone know in what episode konohamaru tells tsunade that he is going to be the 7th hokage and when she asks why the 7th he says because Naruto is going to be the 6th.


please some one has to know
thanks for any help.
by Hinata_1
Feb 16, 2007 6:06pm
Forum: Anime Assistance (Q & A)
Topic: Prince of tennis
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Re: Prince of tennis

by Hinata_1
Jan 03, 2007 2:26pm
Forum: Naruto
Topic: Is it true?
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Re: Is it true?

of your questions the only one i can answer is that yes sasuke does leave on a quest for power.
i haven't heard anything about naruto dying but we have yet to see naruto 2 so who know except maybe masashi kishimoto. LOL