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by soul_of_the_dreamer
Dec 30, 2006 6:05am
Forum: Anime Discussions
Topic: Digimon anybody?
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Re: Digimon anybody?

You bet ya! I won't even start who I like the most, cuz, well...You allready know! :wink: Oh, Digimon rule! 8)
by soul_of_the_dreamer
Dec 30, 2006 5:56am
Forum: Beyblade
Topic: Beyblade Astrology
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Re: Beyblade Astrology

Shadow_Blader I didn't know you think Maxie is a Gemini... Didn't you agree he's a Sagittarius? I think so. Gemini is to weird for Max. I don't think that he is so unrelaible like Geminies are and that he has so much appinions... You know how they are. And another thing-he cares for others deeply, s...
by soul_of_the_dreamer
Dec 30, 2006 5:12am
Forum: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Topic: millenium items
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Re: millenium items

If I would have a millenium item, I would have a millenium scale, because it weghts humans souls and by that you can see if a human lies. I allways respect the truth and appreciate it, eventhough it may not be preety and easy to accept. Eventhough if he or she is really lying his/hers soul gets cons...
by soul_of_the_dreamer
Dec 30, 2006 4:37am
Forum: Beyblade
Topic: Kai Hiwatari
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Kai Hiwatari

Do you rememer the second season of Beyblade-V force, when Kai didn't want to beyblade at the begginig of the season. Or we can put it like this: he was waiting for good enough opponent. How do you feel about that? I know that a lot of you here are his fans, but can you look pass that and try to thi...