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by Dio Brando
Sep 06, 2008 8:40pm
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Topic: Vampire Knight~!
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Re: Vampire Knight~!

This series is easily near the top of my "Avoid like the [censored] plague list". Bishies, wangst, unlikeable characters, ugly designs, and emo bullcrap abound. It's basically all the shittiness of Twilight, without the ever-so-fun-to-mock purple prose. I'll stick with Hellsing and JoJo's ...
by Dio Brando
Sep 06, 2008 8:28pm
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Topic: Best Manga Ever
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Re: Best Manga Ever

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
by Dio Brando
Sep 06, 2008 8:26pm
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Topic: Browsing browsing browsing...
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Re: Browsing browsing browsing...

I'd reccomend for anime: Monster GaoGaiGar Afro Samurai Hellsing Ultimate (the OVAs) Hunter x Hunter s-CRY-ed Claymore (well, besides the anime's crap ending) Manga reccomendations: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Berserk Zetman Monster Bastard!! 20th Century Boys Hellsing Claymore (fortunately, no shitty ...