Yu Yu Fantasy

How many freaky dreams about yyh have you had?

a hec of a lot
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re: Yu Yu Fantasy

Post by blackrose_r7 »

lol cool
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re: Yu Yu Fantasy

Post by DJ*Chi »

hey what do you think would happen if you were mitaken as the most dangerous criminal and Kurama was sent to assassinate you?

lol if it wa me he would have killed me before i stateded my case.man i get a lot of dramatic thoughts


re: Yu Yu Fantasy

Post by Torubie »

ok i've got one
i remembred e few days ago i got a day-dream of yyh cause i fall asleep on the bus

it goes like this: it started out like every other day i went out wait for the bus to come at 6:30am but there was a slight problem, there was an earthquick and the earth open in 2 then there and then demons came out of the ground trying to take me in ,volcanos blo they're tops off , i tryed to run away but somthing haevy hite me in the head i was K.Oed
a few moments after i woked up trying to remember what happend, i looked around to see if there was any sign of life,i stoded up and right behind me , i saw a short guy in a black coat and behind him there was another guy with not to long not to short red hair ,i was surprised to see it was Hiei and Kurama, they explained me what happend and why the demons are trying to anyalat me .
I was surprised to know that i was the last surviving human on earth.
When we were walking trough the remains of my ruin town which we call the desert of death ,and out of nowhere a great big purple oni appaerd,thank God, Hiei and Kurama were there , just when the guys were going to kick butt ,the bus driver should of wake me up.it was such a sweet dream
And i never got to finish it :( :cry: :( :cry:

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