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15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Sep 15, 2006 4:52pm
by Seiichiro Uchiha
See how to annoy Hiei, then create your own way!!!

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Sep 15, 2006 4:53pm
by Seiichiro Uchiha
Well, do anything to make Hiei anything!

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Sep 15, 2006 4:57pm
by Seiichiro Uchiha
If you want to annoy him:

1.Call him short.

2.Dye all his clothes pink.

3.Tell everyone that hes secretly dating Kurama. (this might p*ss him and Kurama off)

4.Steal his katana.

5.Steal all his boxers and put ones with hearts all over them in their place.

6.Keep comparing your height to his. (this works really well if youre younger and taller than him, Im 13, hes 18, Im 5' 2 , hes 5' 0 So, its only 2 inches, its still 2 more than him *triumphant smile* ~*hiei glares at me*~ *waves and runs away*)

7.Hoard all the ice cream and dont give him any. (you might get killed -.-;)

8.Play Barbie Girl over and over again on your cd player really loud and follow him, sing the lyrics if you know them, in a very high-pitched voice

9.Poke him continuously.

10.Sing the lyrics to Happy Song by Liam Lynch 500 times in a row. (if you dont know the lyrics go to and look for the Sasuke Happy Song or just the Happy Song)

11.Paint hearts on his katana

12.Write on him when hes sleeping (like write Im Gay on his forehead, use permanent markers [sharpies ])

13.Dress up like him, style your hair like his, get a katana, and draw a Jagen eye on your forehead. Then mimic everything he does and says (though he doesnt say a lot -.-;) basically, be his shadow. Do that for about a week.

14.Poke the spike on his head (I dont know what to call it...the pointy thing...)and scream.

15.Steal all his headband thingies and replace them with rainbow ones.

16.When hes asleep, crawl in his bed, when he wakes up, tell you would have slept with Yukina but Kuwabara beat you to it. (I got this one from qtchantis 21 ways to annoy hiei quiz)

17.When you first meet him ask him random questions, and if he attempts to answer them walk away.

18.Do the same as 17 but if he doesnt make any attempt to answer, ask the questions over and over again.

19.Poke his Jagen eye with a stick. (Like how Austin Powers poked the moles mole on Goldmember, lol)

20.Push him out of a tree and when he glares at you point at something random (like a leaf or a squirrel, or someone who is too far away to even be able to push him)

21.When he actually makes an attempt to talk scream TACO and then act like nothing happened.

22.When hes sleeping dye his hair green, and put orange dye in his body wash (when he wakes up to take a shower hell have an orange body when he gets out) then call him a carrot.

23.While hes training yell something random every 5 seconds.

24.Beg him to build you a treehouse and when he does tell him you have a fear of heights.

25.When he uses his Dragon of the Darkness Flame attack, point at the dragon and yell CUDDLES and then attempt to hug it. (You might get hurt though....)

26.Jump on his back and demand that he give you a Hiei-back-ride

27.Ask him if you can see his katana, and if by some miracle he allows you to, run off with it.

28.While Yukina is in the room, make fun of Hiei and when he goes to attack you hide behind Yukina and taunt him.

29.Run into a room that Hiei is in and yell at him for no reason.

30.When everybody is in the room sit by Hiei and then after a few minutes yell, NO I WILL NOT MAKE-OUT WITH YOU and then walk away mad. (Basically act like you had a telepathic conversation with him and then you yelled at him lol)

31. When ever he leaves and comes back (like say he goes to the bathroom and then comes back like 3 minutes later) glomp (tackle-hug, its fun to do to strangers ^__^) him while yelling, Hiei-kun, I missed you so much act like you havent seen him in years.

32.Put ice-cubes down his pants.

33.Ask him if hes ticklish, when he says no, tickle him anyways. (If he laughs, black mail him)

34.Sneak up behind him (if you can) and poke him in the sides.

35.Every time you see a bug jump into his arms and yell, DEMON

36.Get a picture of him shirtless (which wont be too hard, since he normally takes it off when he fights) and get a picture of Kurama shirtless (harder than getting one of Hiei) then alter the pictures to look like they were together naked, then post it everywhere in the house. (^__^ this may cause injury)

37.Scream, Yukina needs help and when Hiei comes to see whats wrong ask him what hes talking about.

38.When everyone is in the room walk past Hiei and say, I had a great time last night. just loud enough for everyone to hear, and then walk out of the room.

39.Put your gum in his hair.

40.Stare at his hair intently and when he stares at you and asks what, ask him if he uses the same hair gel as Yusuke. Repeat.

41.When ever he walks past you, trip him.

42.Ask him what scared him, when he asks what youre talking about say, Well, youre hair is standing straight up and has a white streak (actually starbolt....but whatever), so what scared you?

43.Mumble, Retard says what? and when he asks what, laugh.

44.When hes reading your thoughts, think about random things about the YYH gang.

45.Point and laugh at him, and when he stares at you questioningly, laugh more.

46.Whenever a girl walks up to, or past him, jump on him (wrapping your arms and legs around him) and hiss and claw at the girl, and say, MINE

47.If he tackles you on the ground (because maybe you did one of the following annoying things, or youre training...dont know) and youre both facing each other, lean up like youre about to kiss him and lick his cheek (not his ass cheek)

48.Plant a tracker in his hair and give the thing that shows where hes at to his fan girls.

49.Throw random things in his hair and see if they stick in there, every time something does, shout, Ten points (Tally the points you get just for the hell of it, lol)

50.When hes sitting on the window sill sit on him, act like you dont notice he was there.

51.Point at his katana and ask if thats his pimp cane.

52.When he says he has a headache give him childrens Tylenol.

53.Stare at him while smiling widely. (This will probably creep him out)

54.Replace his boxers with thongs.

55.When hes sleeping knock on his door and run. Repeat every five seconds, and when he wakes up, ask how he slept.

56.Stare at him wide-eyed, and when he asks what, point at him and yell, OMG ITS THE LOST COLOR KID

57.Be his interpreter, when he says hn tell everyone what he really means, but itll actually be far from what he actually meant.

58.Call him Mr. Sunshine

59.Put your hands in-front of his Jagen eye (like youre performing a spell or something) and say, Open Sesame

60.Tell him Yukinas pregnant and that Kuwabaras the father.

61.When Hieis mumbling something about you yell, I LOVE YOU TOO HIEI

62.Throw pebbles at his Jagen eye.

63.Tackle him, then sigh and say, That was a close one. (Acting like you were protecting him) and then when hes almost to his feet tackle him again, then sigh and say that, that was another close one. Repeat.

64.Take a Hiei plushie wherever you go.

65.Take a Hiei, Kurama, Yusuke, and Kuwabara plushie, and act out one of the fights they have with each other. (Include banging, whooshing, etc. noises) Act it out in front of them.

66.Tell him his pants make his butt look big.

67.Tell him you know the perfect guy for him.

68.Put his profile on a dating website, but put his gender as female. (If he gets any replies to his profile, print them out and hand them to him)

69.Paint pink unicorns and fluffy bunnies on his rooms walls when hes gone.

70.Do the Im not touching you thing (you know, when you have your finger hovering a cm away from them and say Im not touching you. that thing.)

71.Shove crackers down his pants.

72.Throw sporks in his hair.

73. Ask, Whatcha doin? when he replies (most likely a hn) say, Wow, thats kewl.....whatcha doin? (Say the things like you have a lisp) Repeat.

74.Put sparkles in his hair while hes sleeping. (Even if he takes a shower, they wont come out ^___^)

75.Get him a cellphone, then call him constantly.

76.Put sour things in his food and drinks.

77.Ask him why he wears a dress, and does he wear tights.

78.Smack him upside the head ( might not understand what that means hit him in the back of the head) and tell him to stop acting like an idiot, even though he isnt doing anything.

79.When hes eating, walk behind him and push his head into his food.

80.While hes in the shower, steal all his clothes (including the ones hes going to change into) and towels, and replace them with a pink Speedo (mwahaha he shall be forced to wear it *laughs like a maniac*)

81.Kick his ass (I dont mean beat him up, I mean to actually kick the ass part of his body) and then say, HA I so kicked your ass and then call everyone over and tell them you kicked Hieis ass.

82.Buy him a bra. When everyone is in one room, give it to him and say that you saw him staring at them in the mall. (Dont know how anybody would get him to go there, but oh well.)

83.Ask him if he wants sweet snow, when he says yes say, So would I.

84.Yell, OMG WHATS ON YOUR FACE ? ?while pointing at his face, when he goes to wipe something off of his face say, is your face. then walk away.

85.Ask him why he has boobs. (Theyre not really boobs....I hope you all know that, lol.)

86.Force everyone to watch a sad movie with you, and at a very sad part, flick water on Hieis face near he eyes. When he goes to wipe it off, tell him its okay to cry.

87.Make him look for you, and when you see him, walk up to him and say, Are you looking for you mommy, little boy?

88.Give him sleeping pills, and while hes knocked out, put nail polish, and make-up on him. (That make-up that is really hard to get off, like this one lipstick that wont come off for like 3 days if you put it on wrong, and the mascara and eyeliner thats waterproof. Though theres an easy way to get it off, its not like he knows how.^____^)

89.Run up to him and tackle him, then shove gummy bears up his nose, take a picture, then run off. (To make this go as fast as possible have the camera on the cord thingy around your wrist [or neck] and have 2 gummy bears in your one of your hands.....and maybe try roller blades, or a skateboard.)

90. Throw snowballs at him in the winter, and ice cream at him in the summer.

91.Get him drunk, and convince him to get a tattoo of a cute, fluffy, pink bunny on his back, and have it cover his whole back.

92.When hes running really fast, throw a banana peel in his path. If he slips on it and crashes, run after him yelling his name. When you make it up to him look frantically for the banana peel, when you find it, inspect it then comfort it. Get up and walk away, leaving Hiei on the ground. (If he lands on the banana peel, push him off and hug the banana peel)

93.Find a destroyed teddy bear. When everyone is in one room, go up to Hiei and tell him you found his bear Fluffykins.
94.Steal Koenmas binky and hide it in Hieis room. When Koenma goes searching for it, helpfully suggest that he search the rooms.

95.When everyone is in one room, walk up to Hiei while looking ired and say, Can you stop moaning Kuwabaras name in your sleep? Its keeping me up at night. Then walk out of the room.

96.Ask him how DotDF (Dragon of the Darkness Flame [pronounced: dot-dif) is doing.

97.Have someone dress up as Yukina. Walk past Hiei and casually say to Yukina that you know who her brother is, when she asks who, tell her its Hiei. (You could so die if you did this ^.^;)

98.Put socks on, or if you already have them on, drag them across the carpet to gain static electricity, then poke Hiei. Repeat.

99.Challenge him to a sword fight. When he gets into a fighting stance and unsheathes his katana, do the same thing, but pull out a pen, claiming that the pen is mightier than the sword. (Kurama would probably laugh at this, because he might understand where you got that from....I dont know where that saying is from, and I forgot what it meant...but....its funny in this there :P)

100.Make a How to Annoy Hiei list.

If you want to make him hyper:

1: put lots and lots of sugar in his food.
2: make a potion that alters a personality.
3: (if he loves you...) kiss him on the cheek.
4: Cast a spell on him
5: during a dare, tell him to act like Boton.
6: hit him on the head hard enough he gets amniesia, when he asks about who he was, answer, your like boton, so he mimics her.
7:'accidently' inject him with a serum to make you hyper.
8:tell him a new law was passed that everyone had to act hyper no matter what.
9: have a demon cast a spell so every two minuets you have to do the chicken dance, and act like you like it.
10: tell him his probation has been lifted.
11: tell him he can kill Kuwabarra
12: tell him he is now the ruler of spirit world and koenma died.
13: tell him Boton died.
14: Tell him he can go on a killing spree.
15: stick him in a counseling thing to alter his personality.

There you go! Now, it's time for you to make your own!!! \:D/

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Sep 20, 2006 6:47am
by CoNtR0l
Ok please try not to double post but you are triple posting please edit your first post then put all that in there.Thankx :)

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Sep 20, 2006 1:38pm
by LPIBelong
those are awsome!!!!
did you come up with them yourself?
w/e if you didn't that was stil awesome!!!

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Sep 20, 2006 4:54pm
by may12 aka squeaky
they were cool

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Sep 20, 2006 4:54pm
by may12 aka squeaky
they were cool

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Sep 23, 2006 9:18am
by BBAGirl
I almost fell out of my chair laughing so hard. It's funny!!! Good Good. ^_^

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Sep 30, 2006 7:58pm
by YusukeUrameshi
lol! that's funny!

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Oct 03, 2006 2:16pm
by chime
yes yes, that was indeed funny. but me and heiei are married. yes that right , married . and when i came home after reading this ,heiei did all of these terrible thing's to me and then afterward asked me how i liked them apple's now.i did'nt like them apple's. they were SOUR. i hope your happy desert wolfy. i hope your happy! :cry: :cry: :cry: *sniffelz*

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Oct 06, 2006 10:45pm
by Tazusa_Sakurano
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :-k :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Oct 07, 2006 11:03am
by chime
Enma_Ai wrote::lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :-k :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
you spammer.

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Feb 24, 2007 5:53am
That was really good. :D :D :D :D :D :D

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Mar 02, 2007 1:37am
by cyberkidJ
Why in the introduction was 15 ways to annoy Hiei not 100 ways toannoy Hiei. :-k :D :) \:D/

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: Apr 16, 2007 6:18am
by Krimmu Za Rabbitto
Why to annoying Hiei?

Re: 15 Ways to annoy Hiei!!!

Posted: May 15, 2007 7:21pm
by Youko1776
wow! How'd u come up with all this stuff?!