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All right, the last part seemed to cause some confusion. Kurama's demonic aura has already returned (that's what happened at age ten). Kurama becoming fully demon is my own idea, because in the anime he was a human with a demon aura. This is a fanfic, remember - I have the right to fabricate a few things.

Part Two, Scene Three

"Yakazawa, get some more packets on the double!" the doctor ordered, unhooking one of the packets from the IV. He frowned down at the woman in the bed. Her pain-contorted face was covered with a plastic respirator mask, but the sheen to it told him that she was sweating profusely. "Damn, I don't think she's going to make it -"

As the little blond nurse ran out of the room to find some packets, a brunette woman and two teenagers moved out of her way, allowing her to pass before entering the room themselves. The doctor glanced at the burgundy-haired boy.

"Shuuichi, your mother is having a crisis. To be honest..." The doctor turned back to Shiori, unable to meet Kurama's eyes. "Your mother is probably about to die."

"How long until...?" Kurama bit his lip.

"Tonight, maybe tomorrow morning," the doctor replied to the unfinished question. "We'll do what we can, Shuuichi. I'm sorry."

Somehow, the atmosphere of the night had become much more tense, despite the fact that the weather remained pleasant. Kurama looked down at the mirror he held in his hand.

"Yuusuke, Shiori - she's the one who taught me kindness." Kurama swallowed a painful lump in his throat, glancing at Yuusuke. "I would never have cared for Hiei, or for her, if she hadn't shown me how. Did you happen to notice those scars along her arms?"

"Yeah," Yuusuke said, eyebrows furrowing. "They looked pretty old."

Kurama stared down at the mirror again. "This body was six years old when that happened. Look into the mirror."

Yuusuke glanced down at the looking-glass, and blinked, moving in for a closer peek. A scene had begun to play like a movie on the mirror's surface. There was no sound, but he could easily interpret what was happening without dialogue.

A small boy with short burgundy hair - Kurama, Yuusuke guessed - was walking through a hallway of his house. Upon entering the kitchen area through an open doorway, a dark-haired woman wearing a frilly pink apron came into view. She was at the sink, washing dishes.

The younger Kurama said something to Shiori. Apparently he got a response, because he went over to the small table, seized one of the rickety-looking chairs, and dragged it over so that it leaned against the counter. Yuusuke leaned forward, watching as the boy climbed on top of the chair and reached for something on the top shelf.

Suddenly, calico cat came dashing into the room. It tried to skid to a stop, but was a fraction of a second late in its timing. It crashed right into one of the legs of the already-wobbly chair.

Bright green eyes widened as the chair moved, and his clothed feet slipped on the padded surface. His hands hit several of the plates and glasses stacked on the shelf, knocking them to the floor, where they shattered into hundreds of sharp-looking pieces of glass. His mouth moved in what was an unmistakable gasp as he lost his balance, beginning to fall backwards - he would land right on top of those shards -

But just before he hit the blue and white tiles, a pair of arms reached out, blocking the glass. The younger Kurama blinked, rolling onto his side, and looked up at his savior. Shiori smiled down at him, saying something inaudible, as blood flowed from the wounds in her arms.

The image faded to blackness.

"Ah, what would have happened if I hadn't lost my balance," Kurama chuckled, as Yuusuke turned to look at him. "You see, had she not caught me, Shiori would never have gotten those scars. And I think that's what kept me from leaving when I had planned to. Seeing those scars, remembering the way she smiled and asked if I was okay... I couldn't bring myself to leave her after that."

"...Oh," Yuusuke said simply.

"You see now?" Kurama whispered. "I love Shiori as if she were my real mother. She's taught me so much." Kurama smiled, but his eyes clearly revealed how much pain he was in. "Yuusuke, I cannot let her die. I would never have learned what I know now if it hadn't been for her. I never would have stayed here in the human world. I never would have healed Hiei the way I did. And I never would have told you any of this."

He kneeled on the ground, set the mirror face-up on the stone surface, then stared up at Yuusuke, who had remained standing.

"I never told you what the Mirror of Darkness takes from its user." Kurama was still smiling. "It's nothing of any real importance to me. I never deserved it anyway."

Yuusuke's heart suddenly began pounding. Something was wrong. "What is it?"

For some reason, the question made Kurama's smile become that much brighter. "Life."

Dun dun dun! Suicidal youko-turned-human! The 'movie' the mirror played was taken from the manga, but I altered it slightly. Originally, Kurama lost his balance on his own (no cats were involved). As for where the cat went after that... Um... It was taken to the animal shelter.

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Good Job!!!
I like some of the parts you made up. I think they make the story a lot better!!!


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This is the finale! Is this the end of our beloved youko? ...You all know the answer. You've watched the anime. But unless you read the manga, you probably didn't get to see Yuusuke's happy ending. It's sweet!

Part Two, Scene Four

Botan covered her mouth with one hand. "Life? What does that mean?"

"Just like it sounds, the person who uses the Mirror of Darkness loses their life. An alternate name for the mirror is the Forlorn Hope, so named because of the deep sadness it instills in whoever intends to use it. You should really do more research on these kinds of things," Koenma said, holding up one finger.

"Don't you think Yuusuke needs to know that?!" Botan screeched, whirling around and rushing out of the office. Koenma blinked after her.

"Well, it's not like he's using it..."

"What?" He's suicidal! Yuusuke realized, eyes widening with horror. All that talking... He wanted to get everything off his chest before -

"Kurama, don't!" He started to lean forward, but Kurama pushed him, hard. Yuusuke blinked dazedly, as he was suddenly on the ground ten feet away from a glaring human-youko. "Kurama..."

"Can't you see it's better this way?" Kurama asked, voice a low growl. "My mother will live. Hiei doesn't have to worry about my human emotions getting in his way." A pillar of brilliant, almost blinding white light had begun to form around the Mirror of Darkness, and Kurama turned narrowed eyes on it. "And I won't have to worry about them, either."

"Kurama, don't be stupid!" Yuusuke snarled, rolling onto his hands and knees.

"Mirror of Darkness, awake from your sleep," Kurama said loudly, completely ignoring Yuusuke as the detective scrambled towards him on all fours. "Let your face show my desire, that I may invoke your power."

The mirror gleamed for a moment, and Shiori's face appeared on its surface.


"Yes," Kurama said calmly. Yuusuke was clawing his way over...


A tear rolled down Kurama's cheek. It landed on the mirror's surface, which rippled like water. "She deserves life. I never did. This... This is what's best."

"Kurama!" Only a foot away, he could almost touch him...


In the hospital room, bolts of blue electricity crackled around the life support machinery. One of the nurses screamed, shielding her face behind a clipboard. Gasping, Shiori snapped her eyes open wide.

Pale blue electricity shot at Kurama's outstretched hand, and Kurama let out a soft gasp at the pain. Yuusuke growled, throwing his own palm out to block the odd sparks of energy.

"Hey, Mirror, listen to me! If you take some of my life, you won't have to take all of his, right?"

Wide green eyes flicked over to the detective. "Yuusuke, are you insane?"

"No more than you!" Yuusuke shouted back. "You want to save her? Just think about what'll happen if she gets cured because you gave up your life! She'd have to cry and mourn because of your death! Would you really put your own mother through that kind of pain, Kurama?"

Kurama bit his lip delicately.

The Mirror of Darkness exploded with light, making Yuusuke and Kurama shut their eyes against the brightness. Detective and human-youko alike screamed.

Botan pulled her oar back, gasping and closing her eyes as one of the taller buildings ahead of her was bathed in brilliant white energy.

As the light faded, Yuusuke lay face down beside Kurama. They were both motionless.

"Mmph... I'm alive?" Lovely green eyes blinked open. He sat up quickly, as though awakened from a terrible nightmare. There was no sound except for soft panting for a few moments, and then he glanced down, observing the clear, reflective surface of the mirror. His eyes widened fearfully. "Oh no!"

Jumping to his feet, Kurama dashed toward the door of the roof, not even bothering to check if Yuusuke was alive.

Another minute passed before he, too, pushed himself up with his hands.

"Ouch!" Yuusuke snarled, rubbing the back of his head as though he were having a hangover. Funny, he didn't remember drinking anything before he fell asleep... Then he realized that he was definitely not in his bedroom, and he spotted the Mirror of Darkness.

"Yuusuke! You're okay!" Yuusuke looked up, just in time to see Botan jumping off her oar and right on top of him, glomping him with surprising strength. "I'm so glad you're okay, I was sure you would try something heroically stupid... Where's Kurama?" Botan glanced at the mirror nervously. "Is he...?"

MY, MY... SOME PEOPLE DO JUMP IN WITHOUT THINKING, DON'T THEY? the mirror echoed humorously.

"Shuuichi! Your mother, she's -"

"Alive and well," the doctor informed him happily. Kurama looked past the doctor and nurses to see if it was true. Sure enough, Shiori was breathing, an exhausted smile on her face.

"Shuuichi...?" Shiori reached a hand for him, her sleeves sliding down her scarred arms. "Come here, please...?"

Kurama moved forward, taking her hand in his own. His eyes welled with tears as he hugged her fervently, rocking back and forth. "I'm here, Mother. I'm here..."

Somewhat later, Yuusuke opened the door of the Urameshi family's condo. He glanced around for a moment, and caught sight of Atsuko, dressed in her pajamas and cuddled up with a blanket and pillow, asleep on the couch. She opened one eye groggily when she heard his footsteps.

"Oh, there you are," Atsuko said, rubbing sleep-sand out of her eyes and sitting up. "Where have you been? It's nearly eight o'clock."

Yuusuke was silent for a moment, simply watching her. Then he walked into the kitchenette and started opening cabinets, pulling out a box of noodles and a saucepan. As he was filling the pan with water, he spoke, voice slightly hoarse. "Mom, I'll cook dinner for you tonight."

Atsuko blinked. "What's gotten into you?"

(And that's it for Rose Red! I've already started a sequel called Trials and Tribulations, but I won't post it on these message boards. If anyone wants to read it, the first chapter had been posted on , and the second chapter should be up shortly.)

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Excellent Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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Encore, Encore. *Claps hands*
I really liked it. :mrgreen:
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I'm so jealous! :roll: I wish I was more descriptive in my stories. Great Job! Keep it up! :D

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