Who saw episoe 11/12/05!!!

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re: Who saw episoe 11/12/05!!!

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The only reason that I sat and watched her avi 50 billion times was for Inuyasha's smart ass smile :love: :love:
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re: Who saw episoe 11/12/05!!!

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yeah that was a sad episode but cute

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re: Who saw episoe 11/12/05!!!

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yeah it was episode #126 Transform Heartache into Courage!

and i found some of what is Kagome and Inuyasha's dialougue:

Inuyasha: I’ve lost Kikyo. I thought I was the only one hurting, and I acted selfishly. Now I’m about to lose someone else who’s important to me. Dammit!

Kagome: It all means that…that I’m in love with Inuyasha!
(Inuyasha bursts through the door)
Kagome: Inuyasha…
Kagome: ( Is collapsing from exhaustion while saying to herself) …You came for me…
Inuyasha: Kagome! (Catches her)

Inuyasha: Kagome,are you awake?
Kagome: (stares at Inuyasha) I see. So you did come for me, after all.
Inuyasha: (Kagome gets up and he hugs her) Are you ok? Take it easy

yeah .....They are nice \:D/ :love:
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Re: re: Who saw episoe 11/12/05!!!

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I had to get! She makes good ones.
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Ummm.... do you mind if I get an avatar from that site? [-o<
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