Inuyasha Choices


re: Inuyasha Choices

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Kagome. Of course.

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re: Inuyasha Choices

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Of course.
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re: Inuyasha Choices

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His ultamite choice would be Kagome :|
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re: Inuyasha Choices

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i think he would choose Kagome
but if he did, Kagome might want him 2 get the Jewel to protect everyone form Naraku (or who-ever had the jewel at the time) and if he chose the Jewel, Kagome would think that maybe InuYasha didnt love her :(

oh well..... anyway, he should pick Kagome ^^

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Re: Inuyasha Choices

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Definetely Kagome. Without Kagome, Inuyasha can't fight properly and he loves her anyway.
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