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Would you prefer to see more of the show in movie format or Episodic tales?

i don't care, just give me more Inu!!
They should leave it to manga format
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BakaYasha7583 wrote:
animemeg wrote:While I would LOVE it very much if they did continue the series I am very leery about internet sources. Where did you find this? Are you sure you were seeing what you thought? I am sorry to doubt you but there's a lot of fake InuYasha stuff on the net so I rarely believe it. I really hope you are right though

i am exactly the same way. but if you read the first post...what the deal is, is that theres a web site, the author REALLY doesn't want us to hot link to it for traffic versions but if you ever happened to type in ear-tweak between a www. and a .com, it wouldn't be my fault what pops up. ANYWAY, on that site, she keeps a whole kappie shrine of comments from the Japanese episodes/movies of his lines (Kappie is the voice of InuYasha in japanese, for those who don't know. and honestly, he really can rival Richard!!!!) but she recently added clips from post-production manga. it's hard to explain. in other words, it's simply voice overs of manga that has yet to be animated. i really can't tell you what scenes without giving away MAJOR plot development. but for those completely curious, i'll put it in a spoiler.

if you go to that site, and happen to wander into media and a kappie collection of clips, you might find some stuff of interest there. ^_^ but...err...i never said nothin!!!!



[spoiler]THIS HAS NOT BEEN ANIMATED YET! IT'S ALL MANGA!!! after the tachi get out of the stone orger's body where Naraku attempted to imprison them, Kagura flees the scene, being the reason behind Hakudoshi's death and knowing that Naraku now is aware of her betrayal. Naraku appears in front of her and asks why she did it. she says she wishes to be free and was trying to get that way. he gives her back her heart telling her 'all you had to do was ask'. she feels it beat once in her chest then he rams a tenticle through her chest and kills her. she falls to the ground where Sesshoumaru happens to be. he tries to revive her but she can't be saved. she dies. InuYasha arrives a moment later and asks if she at least went peacefully.

NOW, like i said, that's all manga (comic for those who don't get it). On this so listed site above, they have Kappie (and trust me when i say it's him!) doing a voice over of that scene. that's how i am sure that they are doing more!!!![/spoiler]

I love that site! I go there and read the newest manga chapters every week. I am sure the stuff on there is true.


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thank god someone else reads the manga. i have gone crazy looking for someone else who follows it. i have no one to talk to about it freinds don't give a damn. LOL.


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read this you have to read this :!:
[spoiler]ok now i hate spoilers but this is inportent i wacth inuyasha on ytv they don't even have it on on reasonable nights so io always have to wait into friday SO NOT FAIR that is so holding me back ](*,) [/spoiler]


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honey, that ain't a spoiler. but i hear you. i've been waiting for them to bring it back. but i mean...honest...they've been airing this show since like what...2000? talk about a long run! the manga's been in production for OVER ten years!!!

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On Cartoon Network's Adult swim its been over six years... :| i think... :-s ........ :heh:
As long as I can watch it or read it I'm happy enough! :)
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dark_mg.girl-Mana wrote:I don't really care as long as I watch Inuyasha


By the way Hanna no Yume, your version of the manga is wrong(I think).


After Naraku gives her back her heart with poison, Kagura flies away and falles into the river where she is rescued by Sesshy. Soon she flies away again and Sesshy trackes her down.....(the rest is right)
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