Inuyasha 3rd Movie question

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Re: Inuyasha 3rd Movie question

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Exactly! :good:
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Re: Inuyasha 3rd Movie question

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How 'bout trying to look up the hints in the manga? (If you read it)

Tessaiga (tetsusaiga) was made by Ino no Taisho, initially to protect Izayoi. It was/is a sword to protect humans.
The security placed upon was too make sure that ONLY Inuyasha would inherit it, therefore Inu no Taishou made the sword as it so only those with human blood may touch it, but only those with demon blood may invoke its powers (hence why it's stronger with Inuayasha who is a hanyou).

Ino no Taishou could wield it not only because it was made from his fang but probably because before he died the swords security did not function this way. It is clearly stated in the manga that Inu no taishou wanted to make sure the sword remained with Inuyasha but also wanted to test him, so only those with a heart for humans may use it.
It's all up to the old man's will, it's not the sword was built completly unchangeable, after it's know for it's upgrades anyway. XDDD

As for tenseiga, the sword that can't cut can also only be used by those with a heart that cares for others. Hence why Sesshoumaru only managed to use it after some spark of affection showed for Rin.

On a side note- remember the swords do have wills of theirs own (even in the anime we can find that).
Random note- a person can be revived by tenseiga once. Sess learns that the hard way.
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