Kagome or Kikyou?[poll]

Kagome or Kikyou

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Re: Kagome or Kikyou?[poll]

Post by Elf Princess Warrior »

I too agree with Lady Kikyo. Both Kagome and Kikyo have their strong points and they have their weak points. I like both Kagome and Kikyo. I say Kagome is a good friend and worthy team member, although, like Lady Kikyo said, she can be a bit selfish at times. Kikyo is a wise person, and someone to look up to, or at least she was until she died. Even being brought back though, she can still prove herself. As for who should be with Inuyasha, that is, which one of these two should be his girlfriend, I say Kikyo, because they already were boyfriend and girlfriend, and Inuyasha has shown it. Kagome is pretty much just a gal pal. Besides, they fight way too much to actually go out with eachother. I know people often say that when two people argue alot it means they like eachother, but its actually an unhealthy way of showing it. If Inuyasha and Kagome got together, they would probably have alot of fights, and then go through the make up break up routine.
Other than that, don't get me wrong. I like both Kikyo and Kagome, and they both should stay in the show.
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Re: Kagome or Kikyou?[poll]

Post by divinephoenix »

I like Kagome more. Kikyo is just a mean when she got resurrected, giving Inuyasha and the others harder times.
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Re: Kagome or Kikyou?[poll]

Post by Dachsie Dame »

When Kikyo was alive, she wanted to change Inuyasha. She tried to get him to agree to become completely human, which would remove all his physical strength and make him prey to his brother & other demons. That's the equivalent of de-clawing a cat or pulling a dog's teeth. It's a cruel thing to do. And she did it for a selfish reason. She thought it would destroy the Shikon jewel and reduce her own work load.

She never seemed to accept Inuyasha as a hanyo & just help him to mature. The fact that she created the subjugation necklace proves she did not trust him completely, even before Naraku arrived. Just because she didn't go through with putting it on him doesn't make her original action go away. Besides, using the word "beloved" to send Inu crashing to the ground face first is hypocrisy.

She really did not know for certain that the jewel could make Inuyasha human or that such an action could purify & destroy it. As it turns out, making a selfish wish on the jewel actually corrupts it instead of purifying it.

On top of all that, she effectively two-timed Inuyasha by hiding Onigumo in the cave while she took care of him.

That is what I dislike about Kikyo. Her actions as a revived clay figure are more understandable than the way she treated the man she loved when she was alive.

On the other hand, Kagome actually took on a very full plate of responsibilities in both her own time and in the past. The pressure for Japanese students to perform well in school is much more intense than in the US. That is why she gets so strung out trying to juggle her responsibilities in both worlds.

When she chooses "sit" as the necklace command, she is recognizing the dog part of Inuyasha's nature. She tends to use the necklace when he makes her really angry or when Kaede suggests that behavior correction is necessary, and sometimes to save his life. The first time, he was really on a rampage and she did it to save her own life.

She can't function at Kikyo's level in the feudal era because her powers there are less developed and she is not as well trained at using them. She knows that she has emotions that are undesirable and sometimes mean, but she accepts that she can't change the way she feels and tries to rise above them and do what she thinks is right.

Most of all, she stands with & supports Inuyasha. She accepts him as he is. She wants him to mature & gain wisdom, but she likes him as a hanyo and accepts him into her family in the present. She fears for his safety when he is in his human form and is brave enough to approach him in his full demon form to help bring him back to his senses.

She is acutely aware that she is number 2 for Inuyasha and swallows her jealousy to be with him and support him. She got him to accept friends and taught him that he could trust them.

Besides, in terms of the manga & anime, Kikyo is dead. Her resurrected form is a clay doll. That makes any real romance impossible. Kagome as a real, live girl has the advantage there.
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Re: Kagome or Kikyou?[poll]

Post by ~~Tsume~~ »

I like Kagome more. Even though Kikyo might have been nice before she died, she was still way too mean afterward so I still don't really like her. Plus Kagome can go to the future and back, and she's more fun to be around than Kikyo. So, go Kagome!!
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