Anime Conventions

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Anime Conventions

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Hi guys! My name is Krystal and I work for an event ticketing company that has been working with a lot of anime events lately and I wanted to learn more about the anime community. I'm not trying to spam or sell anything. I'm genuinely interested in hearing how we could provide a better registration experience from the people that actually attend and enjoy anime conferences and events.
We provided registration for events such as Kumoricon and Hal-Con in the past. Would you like more communication with the organizers, an easier way to share that you are going to the event, etc? Any input would be much appreciated! You can message me on here or send me an email. Thanks again!
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Re: Anime Conventions

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In addition to the above features, Suba Games' 9Dragons will further offer non-stop GM events and balance PvP environment.
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