Attack on Titan Mobile Game is Live!

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Attack on Titan Mobile Game is Live!

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Guess what I found? Today I checked app store, and found an interesting Attack on Titan Puzzle and RPG game. Its name is Puzzle Monster Quest: Attack on Titan. The game is also live in Google Play now.

All of my favorite characters such as Captain Levi, Mikasa Ackerman, and Eren Jaeger are in this game. And there are special Attack on Titan themed dungeons. According to the game official website, the Attack on Titan Dungeon Event is coming around the end of August, and is time limited. If you are a fan of Attack of Titan and have waited for animation season 2 for several years, don’t miss the opportunity to play this game. ☺

Download link: ... 0001&hl=en

The game is from famous Japanese producer Grenge, and is quite popular in Japan. Honestly I’m glad the English version keeps the original favor of a real Japanese game.

The game play is quite simple, very similar to Puzzles and Dragons. Swipe, Match, and unleash Powerful Attacks. And its UI and characters are much better than Puzzles and Dragons.

Check the trailer below:
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Re: Attack on Titan Mobile Game is Live!

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RPG Games are cool.
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