♥ Nicknames That You Give Your Pokemon ♥

Do you give your Pokemon nicknames?

Yes ^^
Nope, I don't care about my stupid Pokemons (me: *gasps* How sad! >.<)
No, but that doesn't me that I don't wuv my wuvving Pokemon! ^.^
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Ren Avante
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Re: ♥ Nicknames That You Give Your Pokemon ♥

Post by Ren Avante »

There is no way I am naming all of my Pokemon, so I will choose the ones from my Emerald game (my main 6)

Character name: Haruhi

Swellow: Mori (male)
Marshstomp: Tamaki (male)
Mightyena: Kyouya (male)
Azumarill: Hunny (male)
Linoone: Kanako (female)
Wingull: Ayanokoji (female)
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Matt ?????
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Re: ♥ Nicknames That You Give Your Pokemon ♥

Post by Matt ????? »

i nicknamed all team members from my black version. they are:

Emboar:Boaraze(from "boar" and "raze" or "boa" and "raze")
Musharna:HypnoSis(from "hypnosis" and its related to Hypno and is female)
Krookodile:Kremling(because it reminds me of a kremling from the older Donkey kong country games)
Braviary:Valoroc(the word "valor" means strength and a roc is a legendary giant eagle)
Eelektross:Caeble(a combination of "cable" and "eel")
Jellicent:Bermuda(because of the bermuda triangle which is in the ocean and is supposedly haunted,although i also considered nicnaming it "Dyed" because its a ghost,and dye is usually blue and dye is an ink,which can come from squids)

and also 3 others that i occaisionally use.
Simisage:Simivy("Simian" and "ivy")
Druddigon:Dred(Dragon,red and sounds like "shred" referencing its claws)
Sigilyph:Vulturoid(as it is a vulture-like creature)
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