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Re: Create Your Own Pokemon

Post by Reita-san »

Since we both live together, Mana is letting me use a Pokemon

Ichiriox (Ichimaru(Bleach)-Chichiri(Fushigi Yuugi)-Fox(animal))


Short, light purple fur, long ears with a curled end, long tail with a flap of skin attaching two ends of the cut part that looks like a heart monitor that paused, three sky blue spikes going from the very back of its head down to the base of its neck, tufts on its cheeks with little curled ends, two small swirls on its arms and two large swirls on its legs, and a grin always on its face no matter what


Attacks: Bounce, Glare, Pyswave, Sand Tomb

This Pokemon is a legendary; does not evolve

'Grinning Disaster Pokemon'

"This Pokemon was thought to be created by evil humans who wanted to destroy who they thought was evil, people who considered then evil. This Pokemon looks like it is always happy, even when it is angry, confused, or scared, but when it opens its eyes, it could make a whole city go up in flames if it wanted to. When it met one of the good people, however, it found out that what it was doing was not good, so it turned against its creators and destroyed them, ending its captivity. Since then, it is seen wandering around the different regoins, the last place it was spotted in was the Hoenn region. At sometimes, it remembers what it was originally created for, and it goes into hiding for a while and it goes into a deep slumber for a year."

Just in case: ... x-83959810
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Re: Create Your Own Pokemon

Post by ccppfan »

ur Pokemon looks like a purple kangaroo without a pouch. But it's cute with it's eyes closed~ Reminds me of Fuji Syuuske in the Prince of Tennis... Who knows? Maybe they're relatives or somthing.
Fuji pic. link: ... W%26sa%3DN (what a looooong link...)
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