What Pokemon are you? [quiz]

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Re: What Pokemon are you? [quiz]

Post by divinephoenix »

I got a grass type!

Gardvoir^^ Yay!!!
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Re: What Pokemon are you? [quiz]

Post by Ms. Fluffy Butt »

You scored as a Snorlax
You are an Snorlax, You Eat and sleep nothing more no exersise just eat-sleep, eat-sleep day after day, no wonder you get so fat you hardly burn away everything you eat!.

hmmm.. quite true.. :heh:
except for the fat thing! I'm not fat! period!. xD
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Re: What Pokemon are you? [quiz]

Post by Yuki~ »

You scored as a Gengar
You are an Gengar, You like to sneak out at night to summon your dead family members at the graveyard so you can scare people until the sun comes back up so you have to go back inside to wait for the next night...

I like Gengar.
Although I don't sneak out at night to summon my dead family members at the graveyard.. XDD
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Re: What Pokemon are you? [quiz]

Post by Goldenwolf »

I am Persian
I am Ghost
I am Chatot

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Re: What Pokemon are you? [quiz]

Post by Nathan~Chevalier »

Im a gengar
Im a bug (eek)
and im a gordevoir
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Re: What Pokemon are you? [quiz]

Post by ccppfan »

YES!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT VULPIX ON MY FIRST TURN!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: What Pokemon are you? [quiz]

Post by vaporeon1997 »

way im vulpix :D
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Re: What Pokemon are you? [quiz]

Post by SonicCharizardFlame »

I got 100% Ditto! :shock:
Then I got 88% Vulpix :roll:
75% Persian, 75% Mewtwo, 75% Snorlax, Togepi 75%, Charizard 75% and Machamp 75% =D>
63% Gengar :bounce:
50% Tyranitar and 50% Steelix ](*,)
Electrode 33% and Pikachu 33% :newmail:
Slowpoke 17% :storm:
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Re: What Pokemon are you? [quiz]

Post by Hardcore »

88% Vulpix!
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