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Hi Anime Lovers!

Posted: Sep 20, 2010 9:29pm
by ami2010
Hi there!

My name is Ami! Nice to meet you guys.

I'm currently doing an internship at a Japanese TV station, and I'd like to find out what contents you guys are interested in. As an anime otaku, I'd love to increase the number of anime-related contents at the station, and I NEED your help to make my (and of course your’s too) dreams come true!

I'll post a link to a questionnaire in the anime forum, so please take it if you're passionate about Anime and Manga like me! Arigato Thanks!

And My favorite Anime:

All Ghibli Anime, Gintama, Ghost in the Shell, Transformers series

My favorite Manga:

Level E (written by Yu Yu Hakusho's author)
Master Keaton (by Monster's Naoki Urasawa. I also love this anime version!)
Kiseiju, Vagabond, Space Brothers, Yotsubato!, and more!

Re: Hi Anime Lovers!

Posted: Sep 21, 2010 5:52am
Welcome to AA~
Have fun, and if you have any questions dont at all hesitate to PM me, or any of the other mods. (Athos, Dretlin, Pennyroyal Tea are the best to get a timely response)