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More Frequently Asked Questions

Posted: Jun 05, 2007 10:45am
by webmaster
How Do I Start A Usergroup?
Send me a private message telling me the group's name, the group's description, and the group's moderator.

How Do I Select An Avatar Icon?
To select an avatar icon from the gallery, go to your profile, scroll to the bottom, and click on "Show Gallery". A new page will open where you can select your avatar by clicking on the circle underneath one of the icons. When you're done selecting, scroll to the bottom and click "Select Avatar".

To use an avatar that is not in the gallery, enter the URL address of the image in the "Link to off-site Avatar" field. You should only link to images that are yours. Do not link to images on other people's websites, because that steals their bandwidth and costs them money. The image type must be a JPEG, GIF, or PNG, and the image dimensions cannot be more than 80 pixels wide and 80 pixels high. If your image is too big or of the wrong file type, use a program to to fix it (Irfanview, for example), and then upload the image to your website. If you don't have a website, you can use a free site such as Photobucket to store your image.

For those of you who want assitance in finding some external avatars, Knight in Dark Armour suggests the site Ultimate Avatar Source. Be warned, though, that the page takes a long, LONG time to load.

How Do I Post An Image/Put An Image In My Signature?
You don't. I have purposefully disabled the ability to post of images. You will have to post links to the images instead.

Several reasons are behind this decision. First, I hate scrolling down the page for an hour just to read posts. Second, I hate having to wait for all the images to load. Third, I hate how the page content constantly gets pushed down as the images finally load. Fourth, it would be way too easy to post inappropriate images for everyone to see. With links, at least you have a choice.

How Do I Change My Username?
It will cost $1.00 to have your username changed. To change your username, contact me with your desired username and specify how you would like to pay the $1.00 (paypal, check, money order, etc.). Sorry that I have to do this, but if I don't charge I will receive way too many name change requests. Trust me, I've tried it before.

Those of you who like the ability to change your username probably don't realize how confusing and annoying it is for the rest of us. A dollar isn't much, and should ensure that you really, REALLY want to change your name, and are not just doing it on a whim.

Now, there are a couple of exceptions to this where I will edit your name for free. If you accidentally misspelled a word in your name, then you can ask me to correct the spelling. Also, if you chose a name that you later learn is somehow offensive and want to change it, I will consider doing so. And finally, if you have ever made a donation to me for at least a dollar, then I will change your name if you want. But just to note, I keep all the donation emails, so don't try to be deceptive.

How Do Warnings Work?
When someone violates the forum rules, a warning message will issued. If sent using the built-in phpBB3 warning system (as opposed to just sending via a PM), then a warning card icon will appear nearby by the user, which help to quickly identify those who have repeated violations. Warnings will expire after a certain amount of time, but note that there is currently no set number of warnings that will cause an automatic suspension. Users may even be suspended or banned without any warning, depending on the severity of the violation.

How Do I Become A Moderator?
Want to become a moderator? Well then, read on for the procedure you must go through in order to achive this life-long goal of yours.

Start a new thread in Moderator Applications titled "My Moderator Application: ", followed by your username. In it, you should try to convince people why you would make a good moderator. It must include a poll titled "Would I make a good moderator?" and three poll options: "Yes, you would", "No, you wouldn't", and "No Opinion". Do not include the quotation marks. The post should also use the Question Mark for the Message Icon.

I will check the forum occasionally and whenever I think we really need to add a new mod. I will read over the threads, starting with the ones that have the most posts. So yes, getting replies to your post in addition to getting votes is important. This is also a good test of how well you can follow directions, so make sure you read this again very carefully before you just go off and start posting!

There are also some things you should know before deciding if you really want to be a moderator or not.
  1. Moderators must be at least 16 years old.
  2. Moderating takes time and effort. It's not fun and games.
  3. Moderators have less freedom in posting, as they must be extra kind and respectful to people in order to set good examples, even when dealing with jerks and stupid people.
  4. Moderators cannot delete threads or posts. Only I can do that. They can, however, move threads and posts into a special forum that normal members and guests do not have access to.
:!: Be forewarned! Once you create an application, people will almost surly start criticizing you. If you cannot take criticism well, then you should not apply! And remember, you can ask a moderator to lock your application at any time if you no longer wish to apply.

Re: More Frequently Asked Questions

Posted: Feb 26, 2008 10:14am
by Allah
How do I get rid of the Adult Hideaway Section?

I have changed my age so that I am underaged so I can't see it but it won't go away.

Can you make like an off switch to it? Where you can turn it on an off at a whim? I mean somewhere in the User Control Panel.

Missing Pokemon Figures, Help!!

Posted: Jun 24, 2008 5:23pm
by Guest
I am in need of 10 different pokemon figures. I am missing Pupitar, Pineco, Snover, Azelf, Golem, Ralts, Claydol, Aron, Zapdos, and Budew. I was thinking about buying a collection from this LDU Company in China but I really don't need 288 pokemon figures, and that is the smallest collection that I see them listing on their website

I am trying to find a place to buy just the ten that I need. Has anyone ever bought pokemon characters from this LDU website? Oh yeah, here is a link to the page with all the pokemons

Any ideas please post and let me know :)